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What would my ranking be in the military right after completion of SWCC training? If I complete EOD training?

I am just wondering what I will be rated. Thank you.

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    If you have completed the whole pipeline, you will be promoted to E-4 for both Swick and EOD. Swick's rating is SB (Special Warfare Boat Operator), and EOD, well EOD.

    So, if you completed Swick's Pipeline, you will be SB3(SWCC) Nick (<-- insert your last name there), or if EOD Pipeline, EOD3(EWS)* Nick Last name.

    *EWS - Explosive Ordnance Disposal Warfare Specialist.

    Furthermore, you will get half of the, promised, bonus as well. Do yourself a favor and do not blow it on a brand new car (or girls at the nearest strip joint).

    Source(s): Ex-EOD1, USN. '99-'09.
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    You do NOT get promoted for going to A school.

    You would probably be an E-2 after SWCC

    You would probably be an E-3 after EOD

    because of the couse lengths.

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