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Writers: Could you see your novel as a movie?

-Do you have any actors/actresses that you would like to see in it?

-Which novel would you like to see into a movie the most?

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    When I write, I'm just recording the movie I see playing in my head.

    That's just how I work.

    I want to make films when I'm older- A filmmaker... :D So I guess it makes sense.

    But to answer your question, for some of them, YES. But others are either too dark or too personal. :/

    Actors: Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Alan Rickman

    Actresses: Kate Winslet, Emma Watson, Kate Blanchett, and oddly enough, Selena Gomez- I don't usually like her but I think she looks IDENTICAL to what I imagine my character Lauren Santana to like. :)

    Probably my novel about a fifties mom with a mentally disturbed five year old son who's trying to beat the odds and raise him without the help of doctors- since all they want to do is throw him in an institution and be done with him.

    But I also have a fantasy one that could potentially be pretty good! :D

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    I'm hoping to see my novel into a movie.

    I have a few that are actors and actresses that are around the ages 15-23 because some are in shows or movies that are acting like teenagers.

    Like the actress from "New World" and the guy who plays Liam in"90210"

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    I can see my vampire novel as a movie, because vampires are generally less complicated than science fiction and fantasy, and my plot is fairly simple. My science fiction novel, on the other hand, I can only see as an ongoing television series, because the plot is just too confusing to narrow down into two or three hours. The alchemy and time traveling elements alone are confusing enough, let alone all the meta human aspects and inner turmoil each individual character undergoes.

    As for actors, I really couldn't care less, so long as they're actually competent at what they do.

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    Whenever I write, I map out my story as I would watch a movie, and throw in the unexpected :) So yes, for all my novels, I could :)

    -Actors/actresses: Johnny Depp, Natalie Portman, Lily Cole...

    -I would love to see Betwixt made into a movie, or The Looking Glass wars :)

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    I see my story as a movie when I think about it, but not like a real movie. I see the images of the scenes and things. Most people do that, so I'm told. I wouldn't want my book made into a real movie though. I'd have little to no say in it unless my book was a best seller.

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    I would love to see my book as a movie! But I'm not sure about what actors/actresses I would like to see in it.

    I can't just pick a novel, sorry. I would LOVE to see the Artemis Fowl series turned into movies.

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    MM, YES! YES!

    Actors/actresses - not really. Celebrities I can imagine of their looks, and let's just imagine them being fabulous actors.

    -Sasha Pieterse

    -Kendall Jenner

    -Jesse McCartney (back in the ol' days when he had blond hair)

    -Diana Agron

    -Taylor Momsen without the scary eye makeup and platinum blond hair

    -Aaron Johnson as the evil character

    And for my MAIN character... probably Selena Gomez based on looks only because I don't think she's that pretty but actor wise she sucks (and singing wise)... so yeah.

    A novel? I can TOTALLY see The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan in a movie! I NEED TO SEE WHAT JASON GRACE LOOKS LIKE! HOTNESS! Yes, I am a typical 13-year old girl who's boy crazy. :) Sorry.

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    I've definitely written stories, and parts of stories, that could be made to work as movies. I typically don't really think about them that way though. I have on a few occasions thought about what actors might play the characters I've created, but only very seldom. Most of the time I don't concern myself with it.

  • Tear G
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    It really depends, but for some yes I can. I'll go with my longest....

    -I'd like Corbin Bleu as Derick... I know, odd. But by the time the movie came out he would be old enough, and he's not an awful actor. I'd also like Hugh Jackman for Kae, even if he'd be way too old for the part by then. But... whatever.

    -Hm... Ranger's Apprentice.

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    I can definitely see my novel as a movie, because when I write, that's how I picture everything happening. Like a movie.

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