Why was governor Gray Davis recalled in 2003?

what happened / what did he do (or not do) to lead to the recall?

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    9 years ago
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    Energy Crisis mostly, courtesy of Enron.

    "Artificial supply shortage was created by gratuitously taking power plants offline for (unnecessary) "maintenance" on hot summer days of peak demand.[4][5] Rolling blackouts adversely affected many businesses dependent upon a reliable supply of electricity, and inconvenienced a large number of retail consumers. This demand supply gap was further exploited by energy companies, mainly Enron. Enron traders were thus able to sell power at premium prices, sometimes up to a factor of 20x its normal peak value. Because the state Government had a cap on retail electricity charges, this market manipulation squeezed the industry's revenue margins, causing the bankruptcy of Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) and near bankruptcy of Southern California Edison in early 2001.[6]

    The financial crisis was possible because of deregulation legislation instituted in 1996 by Governor Pete Wilson. Enron took advantage of this deregulation and was involved in economic withholding and inflated price bidding in California's spot markets.[7] The crisis cost $40bn to $45bn."

    Had this not occurred, that would have been enough to plug the budget shortfall in California this year. Hmmmmm Pete Wilson. Isn't he a............Republican?

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    Governor Gray Davis

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    Why was governor Gray Davis recalled in 2003?

    what happened / what did he do (or not do) to lead to the recall?

    Source(s): governor gray davis recalled 2003: https://tr.im/2lW9P
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    WAS he "that unpopular", though? Wasn't the threshold for JUST RECALING A GOVERNOR in California ridiculously LOW (i.e. about 700 or 800k signatures in a state of 30 MILLION, less than 1/30th of the populace)?? Couldn't ANY issue that "pissed off a lot of voters", no matter how 'small', have generated that many signatures?

    So... 700 to 800k pissed-off voters FORCED the rest of them to vote for A NEW GOVERNOR IN A SPECIAL ELECTION... not even taking into ACCOUNT their personal feelings about the matter and WHETHER THEY WANTED IT?

    I mean... if poll results showed HE WASN'T SUPPORTED MUCH AT ALL, I guess it's not too bad, but, say, if he had MAJORITY SUPPORT, would a recall be necessary? Or perhaps I just don't know as much about the recall process as I should...

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    9 years ago

    I think he was involved in an electricity shortage crisis. As a result, he was recalled and the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger took over Davis' position as governor of California.

    Source(s): I just heard about it in my AP Government class.
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    Grey Davis

  • 4 years ago

    Im pretty sure it has to be more than 50%. You could go on the California state websit...(CaGov?) There might be some kind of answer there, or even an article on when Big Bad Gray was pulled out. It might have the percentage. Good luck!

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    9 years ago

    Ditto Jen Grath. Best Answer.

  • 9 years ago

    Mainly over the way he handled the ''electrical shortage''

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