A movie with a girl and a dog/wolf-- what is it called?

I remember seeing a movie when I was young, and I don't remember what it is called....

All I remember is that there was a girl who was traveling and hitch hiking around with a big dog (or wolf?)

and at times she was with a guy her age (I think the romantic interest) and here are the scenes I remember:

the girl was with the guy and they were trying to catch a ride, and the guy told the girl to smile at the side of the road with her thumb out because people would be more likely to stop for a girl, but a car drove past her anyway, which made the guy angry and he left saying that she was useless.

the next scene I remember was the girl was alone with her dog, and they were again trying to catch a ride, and a car with a creepy old man in it stopped, and the dog got in the back of his truck and the girl got in the passenger seat, and as soon as she was in there, the old guy tried to molest her, and she was fighting him off and the dog jumped through the back window and saved her.

Any ideas???

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