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questions about tb jab?

im getting a tb jab in school and im really scared of needles. do u HAVE to have the test ? does the test hurt ? does the actual thing hurt ? how long is the jab ?? do i have to have more then one jab ? how big is the needle ? i had an injection before i went on holiday , is the jab like that ??

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    TB skin test is a tiny needle poke where they place a small (and I do mean very small) amount of fluid beneath the very top layer of your skin. It's a tiny prick from a very tiny needle that doesn't hurt at all. Once the needle is in your skin, they inject the fluid and pull out immediately after the fluid is placed. This whole process takes less than 5 seconds.

    Then within 48-72 hours, you have to have it "read." This means someone looks and feels the injection site for a hardness. NOT REDNESS. If there is any hardness, then you have been exposed to TB at some point and need further treatment. If there is no hardness, then you are TB free!

    Source(s): Just had mine done
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