How hard would it be to find a career after graduating from University of Idaho?

If I graduated with a BS in MechEng from Univ. of Idaho, could I easily find a career in Mechanical Engineering even though Idaho is not a "hot-spot" for engineering?

Also, are there any colleges you know that are highly respected and makes it easy to find a job after (but not extremely difficult to get into, ie, not MIT, Stanford, etc.)

Also, I'm willing to work as hard as possible, but how difficult is engineering in college?


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  • 10 years ago
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    The only downside to Idaho is that it's tough to get to for recruiters. The quality of education is sufficient. At one time, Idaho told it's eng students that Idaho was a top 10 school. It was, sort of, at the time - it didn't have much of a grad school, so it was "top 10" of non-research schools. But, the only real handicap to a degree from Idaho is that recruiters for graduating seniors have a hard time getting there, and the school is so small that it's hard for many to justify the trip. However, most UofI grads have landed jobs, so enough recruiters usually do make it. BTW, MIT, Stanford, and most of the "name" schools teach more theoretical, and intend to create grad students rather than practicing engineers, so Idaho could be considered superior to them... I'd rather hire an Idaho or N.Dakota or New Hampshire grad than one from Berkeley, Cal Tech, MIT, Stanford, or some of the other name schools, based on performance history with both groups!

  • 4 years ago

    This is whatever she demands to suppose lengthy and rough approximately. Does she desire to be glad (going to UNM) or financially relaxed and keep in Idaho? If she does cross to UNM she would get scholar loans in an effort to support her pay for housing at the side of college. Accumulating loans may also be dicy regardless that. Its handy to rack up hundreds and hundreds of bucks valued at of loans. If she actions again, is dwelling on her possess and her father and mother don't declare her as a elegant on their taxes she might qualify headquartered on earnings for presents and scholarships.

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