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An R&P game with Hip-Hop songs...?

Trying a little experiment between two sections. Only answer this if you are a reg in the R&P section.

Name a HIP-HOP song that you think was the best hip-hop song of the year on the year it was released. State the song, artist, and year. For example, if you think Crank Dat by Soulja Boy was the best rap song of the year 2007, you would say:

Crank Dat - Soulja Boy (2007)

Choose any year you want, but it has to be a hip-hop song.

If this game doesn't fail, the RHH regs will come in and decide whether you know your sh*t or not. If they agree that the song you picked was one of the best songs of that year, then they will thumb you up. If they think the song you picked doesn't deserve to be up there with the best of the year, they will thumb you down. R&Pers DO NOT give each other thumbs up or down. Let the RHHers handle it. Person with the best ration of thumbs up to thumbs down gets BA.

And in turn, you will get to decide whether they know their sh*t or not by clicking here:


yeah, you got it. "person with the best ration" should be ratio btw in case anyone was confused.

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