What should I ask for for christmas?

I am 12 and I want to get a headstart on everything... I LOVE volleyball and I love to read books like to kill a mocking bird and night. If any one has any ideas please write back!

Also I am trying to find a present for my mom, dad, and 8 year old brother!

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    9 years ago
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    Some ideas

    ~Clothes from your favorite stores (any of these):



    -T Shirts


    -Polo Shirt

    -Long Sleve Shirt


    -Tank Top



    ~Blue Ray Player

    ~Itunes Gift Card

    ~Video Camera






    ~Gym Membership

    ~Magazine Subscription












    ~Posters for your room


    ~Tickets to a concert

    ~Hair Straightener

    ~Curling Iron

    ~Blow Dryer

    ~TV for room


    ~Cell Phone



    ~Game System

    ~Games For Your Game System


    ~Nail Polish


    ~Jump Rope


    ~Stainless Steel Water Bottle



    ~Jewelry Box



    ~Arts and Craft kit

    ~Board Games

    ~A Pet



    ~Roller Blades












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