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Is this bike good.....?Mongoose rebel bike.?

I want a bike that i could just ride around on around the block and stuff. Ride in ditches and just go up 1ft ramps? Is this bike good? Also it needs to be cheap and stuff and this is what i found on walmart. Most of you might say its bad because its from walmart. But i just want to know if iT is good enough to last 3 or 4 years.


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    walmart bikes are bad but i guess you could do that with it but idk about having it for 3-4 years it might last a year or 2 rims are eventually going to bend especially since walmart dosent exactly have triple wall rims

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    Walmart Bikes/Department Store Bikes are Garbage! They are poorly assembled by someone who is most probably not a bike mechanic, constructed with very cheap/low-end parts or parts even made from scratch at some backyard shop in China, etc ...

    To answer your question on whether it will last 3 to 4 years, No!

    I would strongly recommend that you take this bike to a local LBS Local Bike Shop to have it thorougly checked out before riding! Also take into consideration, that some Local Bike Shops will not choose to look over your Walmart Bike due to liability issues. They do not want to be held responsible if your were to possibly get injured from using this bike, which they do not sell...

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    It would be fine, yes. Take it to a bike shop just to be checked out properly, Walmart does not employ bike mechanics. 95% of the complaints of Walmart bikes are due to poor and incompetent assembly. Bearings too loose or too tight and need grease, screws that should have been tightened, wheels that needed truing, brakes and derailleurs that need adjustment, tires that need inflation, etc.

    Walmart bikes are over-engineered to avoid lawsuits and incompetent riders as much as possible.

    The whole 'Made In China' argument doesn't hold water, because EVERYTHING is made in China. That includes bikes sold in bike shops.

    Take care of your bike and it will last for years.

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    It is a mediocre one

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