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Atheist what are some of your absolutely favorite things of all time?

I'd ask the theists but theirs is obviously god so no point :p

Anyways so lets try to keep generic answers like The Universe and Richard Dawkins out and go into detail, say if you're favorite thing is food, well what type of food? Or say you like to read, what book?

My favorite thing is pizza and bewbs, so my ultimate favorite thing would be bewbies made out of pizza! :D

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    Tea, Starbucks, dogs, cats, animals in general, PBS, Al Green's voice, the Beatles, pizza, pasta, my new green sweater from Macy's, playing board games with my family, the History Channel, Jimmy Stewart, tomatoes, Jazz, classic movies, knitting, gardening, a good thunderstorm, the fall, the beach, traveling, cooking, talking to interesting people...

    I love books. I love, love love books. I'm like a book whore...

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    Gee, there are optimal of. Matthew 5:40 six-40 seven, Matthew 7:a million-5, Luke 6:31-37, Luke 18:10-14, John 8:4-7, Romans 2:a million-6, Romans 14:4-22, Hebrews 10:30 and James 4:11-12, as an celebration. Oh, and Luke 14:26, of direction.

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    Sure there is a point: ask a question to atheists so you can insult theists.

    Wow, that's a long way to go just to get in a dig about theists. I guess that's one of your favorite things too besides pizza and bewbs. Lame, dude.

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    I like chocolate and the Harry Potter books (I love knowing the theists are getting in a tizzy, thinking I'll convert to Wicca).

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    Manuka honey,anchovies in vineger, whole meal bread, assorted nuts, im not reading any thing presently. I like mostly movies now not silly ones ones that have feeling or a strange meaning, and the love of a good woman.

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    Vidya Gaems

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    Oily bewbs. Oily from pizza rubbing.

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    I'm not sure I like the mental image of boobs made out of pizza.... lol

    My truck, my bosnai trees, my two felines, my pair of shoes, the city I live in. Etc....

    I would list people, but you said things and people aren't things. :P

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    I also like Tea, ~87% People, all forms of Whiskey, steak, sushi, and good coffee.

    God is to intangible to be in my favorites

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    I like solving puzzles, getting lost in unfamiliar areas, bacon, telling stories, bacon, and butterflies. Also, bacon.

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