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want to find francess ducorbier?

I Met a woman named fracess ducorier in france, coming from london

my mail :


Hi Susan , other info I had from her : she worked in a bank (came to Lille when we met), she plays piano or music instrument, around 1.70 m height, and she is red-haired (if I remember)

We conversed all the time by texto and I lost my phone and my friends phone numbers so......

for the name I don't know is I spelled it wrong.

hoppe with this athor infos, will get news

Merci bcp

Update 2:

I spelled Francess Ducorbier, hoppe I spelled it good

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    Is that all the info you have? The trouble is, you've spelled her name incorrectly, but which is the correct spelling to even start looking for her.

    It could be Frances or Francoise. It could be Ducorbier, or du Corbier.

    My best guess would be Frances Du Corbier.


    Gosh, that's difficult when you're not 100% sure of the spelling though - did she mention what bank she worked for? You would be able to leave a message with them for her to contact you (they wouldn't give out her information to you, but it might help).

    You can try the French yellow pages below. Nom: Du Corbier, Prenom: F (since you're not sure how to spell it). I tried it and one result was: De Corbier Françoise

    29 r Yves du Manoir 15000 AURILLAC

    04 71 63 91 40

    Though I doubt that is who you're looking for and I don't see anyone in Lille.

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