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Why can I not buy easyJet tickets for April, until March?

I am booking my holiday for next year, the start of April, and easyJet's site is telling me I won't be able to get them until 26th March, which seems stupid seeing as I am going 2 weeks after that date?!

Why do they do this? And this there any way I can get them earlier than that date?

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  • Pompal
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    The EasyJet website only refers to the 26th March, 2011, as being the end date, of the winter schedule, for many of the current batch of flights.

    I expect that any day now the flights for Spring/Summer 2011 will be released and will cover flights up until the end of October, 2011. You can rest assured that many others, like yourself, are eagerly awaiting this release in order to get the best early booking prices. Be patient, you won't have long to wait, just keep your eye on their website.

    The same applies to those waiting for Ryanair flights to be released, as they too don't go beyond the 26th March.

  • zafir
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    Surely it would make more sense to contact EasyJet directly with this question. Here's the link for their Customer Service page. There are phone numbers, and email links on the right hand side of the page:

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    yes you are right to question that and the practice only began last year!

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