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I wish to join yg entertainment~but something keep bothering me?

I'm interested in joining YG entertainment but...

1.My dad won't allow me neither singing nor dancing~

2.I don't have any money to go to Korea~

3.If I try sending mail to them,what should I write and do they understand English~

4.Is it wrong if I join without parents permissions~

5.Which is the better way for me to get in~

6.If they get my letter,how should i know~

7.How they will respond to my letter~

Ok,I think that's all I need to ask~hope someone will answer me~^^thanks for the people who's willing to help me~^^

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    Follow your heart sister :)

    When you have a dream, when you have a passion, protect it. don't let anyone take it away from you. Your passion is your key to success.

    A. Respect your parents no matter what. They only want the best for you (although they don't always know exactly what is best in my opinion, and sometimes one of the hardest things for a parent to do is to let their child fly and follow their dreams fearing for their safety). So, what I would do is tell my father that you agree to not sing or dance (although I will still continue behind the scenes. Your father was most likely raised and brought up with the belief system that creativity/fun gets them no where, hence their educational/intellectual side was the only visible pathway to their success).

    B. Why not start learning anyway? Make the most of what you already have at this moment. Perhaps you can get a friend who can sing and/or dance who can teach you, or start learning from online tutorials, etc.

    C. Sure you're young and you don't have money. But there are people that didn't start off with a lot of money just like you, but that didn't stop them, although it most probably was a barrier. Here's a suggestion, once you start getting better with your singing/dancing, maybe you'd like to post up some videos and show the world your talent on a video streaming site like Youtube or something. Because if you're really good and worth watching, or at least have the drive and potential, someone will take notice, seriously, someone will. With this career path, your goal should primarily be to entertain and bring your audience to life. One of the best outcomes from this would be someone from YG entertainment or someone famous trying to contact you and perhaps sign you up for something.

    D. If you really plan on sending a letter, I would make sure your letter's really worth reading, and not another "fan mail" or whatever, you get the point. I'm not sure if they understand English, but why not make life easier for them. Get Google Translate or whatever to translate whatever you want to say. If they do receive your letter and are enthused by your letter, they should let you know about, but make sure you give them a way of contacting you of course, such as a postal address or email address.

    Best of luck :)

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