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那都有點連不上句子= =

Equal Opportunity

In the past, certain jobs were held only by men or women. For instance, in the airline industry, most__were men, while most flight attendants were women. This is __the case though. Today, there is equal opportunity__to all. Both men and women can choose whatever jogs they__. Gender does not plya a big__in determining what job a person can have. In the U.S., for example, there are laws __that people should be given equal opportunity in employment regardless of their race, sex, or religion. The reason this law was put__was to make sure that all the people who are qualified for a job are treated fairly and equally. They can not be__a job simply because they are not the members of a particular race, sex, or religion. The only thing that is whether they are well suited to do the job. If they have the skills and the knowledge required, then they have the right to be considered for a position. Other equal opportunity laws were also created to __social groups that had historically been in a less-favored position.

(A)available(B)protect(C)pilots(D)role(E)stating(F)matters(G)in place(H)denied(I)no longer(J)prefer

如果能的話 希望能幫我回答以下問題~~

11.What is the main idea of this passage?

(A)The idea of equal opportunity has existed for a long time.

(B)Equal opportunity laws have been evforced in many contries.

(C)The hiring process is becoming fairer thanks to equal opportunity.

(D)Whether one can get a job is determined by his or her sex and qualification.

12.Which of the following is TURE?

(A)There are some jobs in the U.S. not open to people of certain races.

(B)There are laws in the U.S. that promote equal opportunity in employment.

(C)Because of equal opportunity, people do not have to be qualified for jobs.

(D)Gender still plays an important role in determining what job you can get.

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    順便提一下,填空題的答案應該是C.I. A. J.D. E.G. H.B



    11.這篇文章的主旨為何: c





    12.以下何者正確: b





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