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If Dixie Carter never hired Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff one year ago what would the state of TNA be right now?

Would we still have:

* Daniels


* Awesome Kong

* Alissa Flash

* Booker T

* Bobby Lashley

* Kristal Marshall

* Sharmell

* Scott Steiner

And what would the feuds be going on right now, without the guys that Hogan got to TNA (Brian Kendrick, Orlando Jordan, Pac and Hall etc.)

I wouldn't mind if Dixie had hired Kenrick and Jordan without Hogan's help. Because Kendrick and Orlando are fantasitc wrestlers, but Hall and Pac, who are out of their prime? Also i wouldn't mind Shannon Moore, Jeff and Ken Anderson, but Hall and Nash were just used to get money. I hate how Flair showed up in TNA, after he dissed TNA in an Online video interview with JR, and a couple of other legends in 2007. And I hate this Fortune stable, the guys in Fortune are just now seen on backstage segments and don't actuall wrestle enough.

And what would the roster have been like if now Hogan or Bishcoff showed up?

Would we still have the Six Sided ring?

Just say what i asked, i am not bashing the promotion, Im' just saying what would TNA be like One year after if Hogan and Bishcoff never signed with TNA Wrestling.

If Hogan and Bichsoff never showed up I would have hired:

* Petey Williams back in TNA

* Sonjay Dutt back in TNA

* Mickie James

* Paul London

* And maybe some of the AAA guys that Abyss said were they like Zorro and El Mesias.

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    In an alternate dimension where Hogan and Bischoff never came to TNA, things are a lot better:

    -Kurt Angle has creative control

    - the six sided ring never went away

    -Hall and Sean Waltman never "crossed the line" to TNA

    - neither did the Nasty Boyz or Val Venis

    -Dixie's on screen appearances are limited

    - and programming is focused on its strong tag team, Knockout and X-Division.

    ....but this is an alternate dimension, Hulk and Eric tossed all these ideas in the same dumpster they tossed the six-sided ring

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  • 9 years ago

    I think its 50/50, TNA really wasn't growing pre Hogan/Bischoff. People love to think that TNA would be so much better now, but that's only because you are currently in this era of Hogan/EB. TNA was still getting bashed on and criticized last year and still had major flaws. All the blame isn't Hogan and EB's ether, they dont run the show, make the signings etc. Its alot more to it. Im tired of people thinking Hogan/EB did ALL the damage and are intentionally trying to hurt a company that was already hurt to begin with.

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  • 9 years ago

    i used to love Tna. i used to look foward to thursday nights to watch the main event mafia. and booker always freaking out. now the only person i like is sting and he'll be gone in no time. Kurt has become a total douche and nash and all the other greats are gone. Hogan has done nothing but run TNA into the ground!!! If Dixie is smart she'll tell them to take a hike.

    Source(s): I MISS OLD TNA!!! And whoever put thumbs down to my comment is a complete dumbass!!!
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  • 3 years ago

    difficult to tell, yet a pair of issues might easily be diverse. Kong might have caught around by way of fact it became into the incident with Bubba that have been given her fired. Hernandez might have continued being pushed in direction of the foremost journey. Daniels might have caught around as properly.

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  • It would of been way better. I f*cken hate Hogan and Bischoff in TNA.

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