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Why is it that a man is less forgiving of an affair than his wife would be?

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    Because men are more...territorial. If a woman cheats he feels as if his 'manhood' has been threatened or something so obivously he'll be pissed. It's all part of that caveman mentality that most men have can't live with them can't live without them

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    It really depends on the situation, but most men are less forgiving because they still see the woman as property. They want her to have only them, only see them, sleep with them, talk to them. Other men invading that makes the man feel threatened.

    I also think that women are taught that "men aren't designed to be monogamous" and if he strays, it's not his fault. Which is all lies. Also, I think security is a lot more important to most women, whereas pride is more important to men. Women will forgive because it's easier to forgive then to leave, get a divorce, find a new place to live, and try to make it on your own again. Sometimes it's easier to deal with the hurt and betrayal then to have to start anew.

    Men have no such qualms. (General terms here, of course this doesn't describe everyone and every situation)

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    Women are really try to keep the family together and they try to really honor the vow they took. Men (not all of them) get over a fail marriage and move on. They are normally the one who makes the money to support the family. The woman has to concern herself with the children. So, the women will stay in a unhappy marriage and hope it get better. Some women feel if they don't have a man they have failed. They refuse to understand that Mr. Right is out there and they deserve better.At the very lease, you can be lonely, and do bad all by youself.

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    Evolutionary psychology, it's because of paternity uncertainty.

    The problem is that a man can NEVER be absolutely certain that his children are indeed his own biological offspring. A woman, on the other hand, can ALWAYS be absolutely certain that her children are indeed her own biological offspring.

    From an evolutionary perspective, it makes no sense to invest time and resources in children who do not share your genes.

    Therefore, a man whose wife has an affair has to wonder about paternity uncertainty of any children that they have together; he may not actually be their father.

    A woman has no such concerns if her husband has an affair; she never has to wonder about maternity uncertainty of any children that they have together, as she still knows that she is actually their mother.

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    when it comes to this type of situation every man has his own thing. if my wife would cheat i could never make love to her ever again. i would just imagine her laying on the bed with her legs spread apart and the other guy giving it to her. the though of another man being inside my wife is just disgusting and it would always be a turn off, no more boners.. now i know she slept with others before me, but that;s different. she's mine now :D

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    I think I was MORE forgiving of my wife's issues than she of mine. She's a baby. All adults have moments of weakness once in awhile!

  • Dignity and pride.

    When a woman disrespects a man like that

    it's like she tells him

    he's no good to her anymore...Or she's

    just a two timing tramp who likes to spread her legs

    for other men to bang her..

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    9 years ago

    Men has a bigger pride and ego. They want what others have but is afraid lose some one to others.

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    Not this wife.

  • 9 years ago

    Who said so?

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