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Why would anyone in California vote Yes on prop 19 when the feds will threaten them?

if it passes there will be federal agents all over the state fully enforcing the federal law against it. I dont smoke pot so I dont care if its legalized or not. Im just scared what the feds might do? Theres already medical marijuana for cancer patients so that should be enough. Im voting NO cause I dont want one problem to escalate into more far worse problems. Neighborhoods could end of terrorized into a war zone by the military. Obama is against it prop 19. I think California should listen to the Federal Government and the presidnet cause theres enough warnings for what will happen if they dont.


What do you think about this and why?

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    The war on drugs was lost long ago. We are wasting the taxpayers' money by trying to enforce unenforceable laws, be it a state law or a federal law. Passing Prop 19 will not change anything a whit. The good thing is it lets everyone know that the State of California stands behind legalizing marijuana, and it frees the state government from having to spend our money to try and enforce it. Our jails are overcrowded, and need upkeep. It's sense less to pack them full of people who are not a threat to society. There is such a thing as States Rights, and I foresee a big lawsuit coming up between the State and the Federal government if Prop 19 passes and the Feds try to interfere. This is good because it will test the law and if the State wins, other states will soon be falling in behind. Remember prohibition? Same thing.

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    California was one of the first states to criminalize marijuana - even before Randolf Hearst made it a federal issue to protect his lumber and paper production interests. To be quite frank I admire California for standing up to this obvious encroachment by the Federal Government. It is a starting point.

    The Federal Government responding in a heavy handed manner ultimately would be a good thing!. Other states are watching, other states are unhappy with the over reaching of the Federal Government and the Federal Government taking a heavy handed approach will likely act to galvanize the states against the common enemy (an over-reaching Federal Government). The more states come together on this the closer they come to exercising their Constitutional Authority to reign in the Federal Government.

    As the Federal Government becomes more brazen, both the people and the states will see them as the enemy to freedom and natural rights it has become and that will hopefully prompt enough people to put their partisan differences aside at least long enough to fight the real enemy.

    Good on California,, Good on Arizona.... Let the bloodless revolution begin!


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    The Mexican Drug Cartels, Mafia's, Street Gangs, Local Marijuana Dealers, Marijuana Growers are Voting No or Supporting the No on Prop 19 campaign.

    Usually you would think that they would want marijuana to be legal... Right? No! Wrong!

    If we Legalize Marijuana in California it puts a Huge Dent in the illegal Drug Industry's!

    Did you all no that all these criminals are giving lot's of money to the No on Prop 19 Campaign?!

    So Why wouldn't you Vote Yes on Prop 19? Do you support Criminal's Luxurious lives? If you Vote No on Prop 19 you sure do!

    Why can't we treat Marijuana like Alcohal?

    Marijuana is Proven to be So Much Less Harmful then alcohol and tobacco combined!

    Marijuana does not intoxicate you anything like alcohal does! It makes you high... It is a sense of well being high... calm, relaxed, increased appitate. What is so bad about that?!

    Must we Label Marijuana users Criminals?

    Is it wrong for me to sit on my back porch with my Ice Bong and Smoke Marijuana?

    Why can't society accept Marijuana?!

    Source(s): I have a Medical Marijuana Card Simply for Migrains. ; )
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    I don't think the Feds will be all over the state busting people for possession of cannabis, we have a ton of sanctuary cities that are harboring illegal aliens, against federal law, and so far the federal government has done nothing about that.

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    Dear Tatomuck:

    It is about time that a state stands up to the federal government. The insanity of the drug wars has got to stop, and the only harm that marijuana has ever caused is when people go to jail over it. The only reason marijuana is a gateway drug is because drug dealers are the only ones who sell it, and they have other drugs that they hand out for free to get people as customers for life. Grow it, sell it, regulate it, tax it and who gives a rats behind what the federal government says, it is way past time to legalize it.

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    All it takes in California to get a Proposition on the ballot is a certain number of signatures and backing from an elected official. Many people will sign such proposed ballots without a clue as to the validity. legality, or constitutionality.

    Yes, Proposition 19 is a violation of federal laws. It will go the way of Proposition 8. Overturned and struck down. It is ashamed that Americans do not understand that America is a land of law, not majority rule.

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    if I lived there I would be voting for it just to see what happens, I would think that would be a hell of a test of see how state rights hold up or not and also to see if Obama really has a set of nuts, would he call for all out war on California or are the threats just talk ?

    I'd also like see what would happen to that states budget after prop19. would non violent marijuana offenders be freed from jail ? how much would that save the state.

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    It's already available with a Medical card and the Feds can't keep up. What will change?

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    I think Holder has issued empty threats ("vigorously enforce the laws"), and that the feds have much better places to put their enforcement time, money and capabilities.

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    I don't even live in CA and I'd vote Yes on it. That's a nice big middle finger to the federal government and you know more states will do the same if it passes.

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