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    -Athiest - no reason to fight each other over religion.

    -Buddhism - teaches peace and is most likely the most peaceful religion on earth.

    -Japanese culture - value family and society over individualism. They think about how their actions affect others. Crimes are selfish. They value education and don't put down people for being hard workers. In America, we value the bad boy image. That's why the number selling artist in America is in jail! In Japan, you lose respect when you are a criminal.

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    Source(s): Criminal Records Search Database - http://CriminalRecords.raiwi.com/?vPrx
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    Japanese Crime Rate

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    As underdude was saying; "For all have sinned and fall shorth of the glory of God." Romans 3:23. Nobody is perfect. Christians aren't perfect. Athiests aren't perfect. Athiests are everywhere. Christians are everywhere. Just because there is a low crime rate and a high percent of the population is Athiest, doesn't mean that Athiests are better. I don't think that Christians are better than Athiests, and I don't think Athiests are better than Christians. We are all sinners, therefore we all deserve to go to Hell. I'm not going to sit and argue with you that Hell is real, but if you refuse to believe then that's your loss. Please. As Christians, we just want to share our faith and only hope that you understand. Anyways, You'll all be in my prayers. God bless you! :)

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    I think you've hit on one of the reasons already.

    Another is that Japan has a stricter overall culture. In addition, the Japanese police have a 95% conviction rate compared to our 45% or so in the US. In other words, in Japan if you commit a crime you are almost certain to be caught and convicted, whereas in the US you have a better than half chance of getting off if they catch you at all.

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    Japan is a very corporate society that frowns on what America considers its crowning achievements: multiculturalism, political correctness, social pluralism, etc, etc.

    Japan is not America and vice versa.


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    Untrue. The great majority of Japanese people are religious: at least 85%, but probably nearly 100%


    On page 11 here - the source of the statistic given in the Wikipedia article - a Gallup poll finds 29% of Japanese claim "none" for religion.


    More claim to not believe in God - but that is a claim common to Buddhism and is not relevant to the number of atheists in any nation with a significant population of Buddhists.

    So: the statistic *most* favorable to atheism in Japan claims only 29% atheist.

    Jim, http://www.bible-reviews.com/

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    Because they come from a conservative culture that discourages deviant behavior and encourages simplicity and hard work.

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    They respect their ancestors.

    Religious people ≠ non crime

    Rather, religions always make troubles as the history has shown.

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    "MOST" Japanese are Buddhist "They are NOT non-religious nor are they atheists.

    I lived in Japan and/or with the Japanese people and culture for 20 years...believe me your assumptions are wrong.

    Source(s): Christian Minister
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