What make Czech Republic became a atheistic country?

about 60% Czech Republic people are atheist. What eternal factor make them change. Why they have higher percentage atheist that other countries beside Czech Republic

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    The dislike toward organized religion can be traced to the early foundation of the medieval state, where the nobility had successfully undermined the power of the church and enforced a view in the eyes of the population as a greedy institution. Bohemia and Moravia was torn up by religious warfare through the Hussite War in 1419-1435, which had left the country in ruin and society was collectively attacked by crusades. The 30Year war and forceful catholization confirmed the view that the church is evil and cares only about money. While Poland or Serbia seen a church as the protector of its heritage, language, and culture, Czech identified any church as a symbol of oppression, totalitarianism, germanization, and source of impoverishment of many. Czech people would not give money to church as they collectively see that it can be better used (by them) or by the government. Secularization of Czech society was completed in WWI, where they see Catholic church as the main power of Austria. Communism only utilize the feel, and institutionalized otherwise widespread dislike of any religious community in the society. Czechs have thorough dislike toward organized religion and detest what organized church represents. Any case, Czechs are very spiritual, many believe in magics and God without acknowledge it openly. One thing you will hear from Czechs "I do not believe in God, but I am afraid when I die, he will punish me in hell for that".

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    Well communism forced atheism to the masses, but unlike Russia Czechs are centro-europeans,

    so they transformed communistic atheism to democratic atheism. Well in Russia the culture is not

    pro science and centro-european, so old atheists for communistic reasons now that communism falled,

    made Christian children. In Russia communistic atheism decreases, so more and more people become orthodox. In the future even Russia after a Christian-high pick will start having moderate modern atheism rising. All humans follow human behavior statistics. For example even Germany could have as many atheists, but only half the Germany was communist. Centro-European atheists tend to REMAIN atheists

    for deep philosophical reasons. Less developed countries thend to associate atheism with politics and not

    as a seperate philosophical opinion.

    The future of humans is science. The probabilistic range behavior of theory of numbers

    is the modern view of "god". God is very ancient and a modern brain statisically

    cannot accept mythoplastic schizotypical magical thinking without a scientific method of analysis,

    types or data.

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    Source(s): read some books of Robert Sapolsky - Stanford University [youtube lectures, books]
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    Czech Atheism

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    the 1st king of the Czechs replaced into Wenceslaus 1st interior the 12 months 1230.. Over the centuries, the dominion grew and retreated... grew to alter into area of the Moravian and varnish empire., with Austria taking a factor, the Czechs invented the observe Defenestration. regrettably, The Czechs have been below the fist of Austria for 3 hundred years. on the tip, the 1st international war created the repoblic of Czechoslovakia in 1918. the 1st president replaced into Garique Masaryk. In 1939, the Nazi Germans first took over the Czech highlands, then the the remainder of the rustic. The Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia lasted as lengthy because of the fact the third Reich. In 1948 whilst the Commies took over, my family contributors & I had 2 escape. My Father, the final supervisor of the Czechoslovakian airlines voted with the u . s . and against the U.S.. ~~~ back to history... Czechoslovakia replaced into below Communist fist till the tip of the Communist regime. Now, the government is having a conflict of existence between the conservative ODS occasion and socialist CSSD occasion.

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    They were a communist country once under occupation by the Soviets. Historically, too, they've had a tradition of being freethinkers when it comes to religion--the Hussites etc. were not exactly orthodox Catholics--the progenitors of the Protestant Reformation.

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    The Brain!

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    Communism - simple

    Communist Soviets killed a lot of religious people.

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    i know where i wanna move now... *packs bags*

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