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What are economic activities?

I need to know the economic activities of the southern states, but I don't know what economic activities are.

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  • Sienna
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    10 years ago
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    Economic activities are activities intended to satisfy human wants, using resources that you have to economise.

    A resource is anything you use.

    You have to economise where there's not enough of a resource to use for every different possible want.

    So for example with breathing in air. There's plenty of air for you and everyone else, so you don't need to economise. That's why there's no price for air.

    Now take using fuel. Fuel can be used for lots of different things: transporting apples, running tractors, starting fires. But the fuel you use for one purpose cannot be used for another purpose so you've got to economise - you've got to use it only for the most important uses.

    When you talk about economic activities of the southern states, you're basically talking about everything that people in the southern states do to make money: so for example, coal mining, timber-getting, music making, raising horses, growing crops.

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