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are girls proud that they like bad boys and reject nice guys?

bad boys like - talk back to teachers and elders , abuse people younger and older alike , dominate weaker peers , use slangs and expletives every 2nd sentence , are involved in road rage and fights ,own big cars and bikes and pretty much look down on most of the rest of the world except for those who are richer ,financially or physically more powerful than them.

nice guys-JUST NICE and caring and treat people as equals and with respect.

MOST women wont admit but they date and many times even marry the BAD ones and much doesn't change with age apparently.And now at least what i ve noticed is that they justify it giving reasons and are almost proud of it now ( MOST not all).

So one question i must ask you is that nice guys are nice because their mothers raised tham and taught them manners and values and they listened to them . when todays young women become mothers WOULD THEY TEACH THEIR KIDS the same values which mothers teach their kids to make sure they grow up to be nice individuals ? question is SHOULD THEY ? IF their good values will have them rejected by girls and leave them burnt and heartbroken later in life , why should women who are so proud of their choices in BAD BOYS teach their kids good values.They might as well teach them the same values which got them attracted to the bad boys so that they dont feel humiliated and worthless later in life. MY request to young women today who will be mothers later in life - TEACH your children to be BAD BOYS , BE HONEST TO THEM ABOUT WHAT WOMEN WANT AND SAVE THEM FROM THE PAIN , HUMILIATION AND LONELINESS. DO THIS IF U LOVE YOUR CHILDREN AND DONT EVEN PRETEND THAT I AM BSing , as this fact has been established even by many scientific researches. JUST A SINCERE REQUEST.


@ Brent - Buddy , when did i say i cant get a girl ? i have a girlfriend but only because i changed myself and turned myself into a bad boy( some of it is natural and some is fake) gues how mush time it took for me to get the girl i liked ? 10 days of knowing her but the girls before her that i had liked for years and was friends with and treated like a princess like forever never gave a **** about me. yeah being a bad boy got me the girl i liked in 10 days sumthing i couldnt achieve in years when i was nice with another girl.

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    It's not a conscious choice, women are attracted to qualities that are byproducts of being a 'bad boy'.

    e.g Confidence, no inhibitions, leader of men, etc.

    'Good guys' tend to have weak points to them such as being introverted, or putting the girl on a pedestal. All women have the primal need to be dominated sometimes, whether you or they want to admit it. Not all the time, there's a certain balance. Something along the lines of: dominance, emotion, immersion and verity. If you give too much emotion, the girl will look for the other ones else where. This also applies to if you give too much dominance of course - she'll feel the need to get her dose of emotions from somewhere else, aka 'cheating'

    The problem is within yourself, don't blame women for liking a supposed persona

    EDIT: I read your addition details... dude, that is no way to get a woman. That's called friend-zoning yourself. This isn't some fairy tale hollywood movie where the loser gets the most awesome girl to ever step foot in his bodunk town. Women have a need for a real man.

    Judging by the fact that your not being your true self with your current girlfriend, I can guarantee that it will go sour very soon. Don't be a bad boy or a nice guy or any other label you can think of. Be YOU - the most you can offer is being your best self. You're not achieving that because of your BS limiting beliefs. Google Real Social Dynamics, if you look at it with an open mind it will change your life.

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    I think the girl that likes me considers me a bad boy but I don't talk back to teachers, I respect teachers. Evolutionarily a woman might be attracted to a "bad boy" because someone like him could definitely defend himself AND her in the world. Food for thought.

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  • 9 years ago

    I disagree with that statement to some degree because girls usuley go for bad boys i agree but end up with nice ones because the bad ones are not good in the long run. Also if we did not bring up children with moral values what kind of a society would we live in especially when it is already so bad

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    9 years ago

    women like alpha men. a man who can stand up for her and be strong and assertive and not get walked all over when needed so that she doesnt have to. men like soft and sweet girls but to keep them that way a man has to be able to stand up for his girl. this is just the way that life is. btw women dont like abusive men. it just happens that some men are abusive and this is unfortunate

    i suggest that you grow a pair of nuts and quit blaming others for your inability to get a girl

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