Should I take Biology of Cells or Biology of Populations?

Bio of Cells: cell structure, respiration, photosynthesis, structure and physiology of plants and animals.

Bio of Populations: Species concepts, natural selection, ecosystem processes, and human impacts on the environment.

Both are intro courses, 5 hrs with lab

The thing is that I've been told by my advisor to not take Bio of Cells UNTIL I've taken General Chemistry (she basically told me "You will fail"). Right now I'm taking Prep Chem and in Spring 2011 I will take the general one (5 hrs).

I don't have money to spend and I don't have time to waste on Bio of Pop. since it's not a prerequisite for any other courses. I desperately need Bio of Cells for the next fall (I'm already going to take Anatomy during Summer so I can't take it then).

In a way I'm scared of failing but I know that Bio of Pop. is probably going to be a lot about stats and evolution (not a big fan of either).

Any advise? (and please don't tell me to ask other students because I've already did that with no success)

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    What's your major?

    Sorry, but as I am someone who loves Biology, I just find it hard to answer a question phrased in the form: "I don't want to take a class I might fail, but the other is a 'waste of time', and involves evolution which I'm 'not a big fan of'."

    If you asked which is important for *understanding Biology*, I could answer. BOTH. There are two central, core concepts that unify all of biology. Cell theory, and evolution.

    Learning biology without either of those would be like trying to take Chemistry while considering atoms and molecules to be "wasting your time", or trying to take Astronomy when you are "not a big fan" of gravity.

    So my advice would be the Bio of Cells (cell theory). You can make up for a lack of background (by studying harder), but there is no way to to make up for a lack of interest. The Bio of Pop. (evolution) class will actually be harder if you walk into it thinking it's just "wasting your time", and as soon as the topics of evolution or stats come up, you have already decided you're "not a big fan of either" and try to wing it. I.e. Bio of Pop already has three strikes against it.

    At lease with Bio of Cells you have an incentive to work at it.

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    Biology of cell is (biology 1) in most schools

    The bio of population is what I learned in bio 2.

    If u have to pick one I will pick bio 1 which is mostly background of most science and health majors now.:) hope thus helps!

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