What gauge should i use for an amp wiring kit?? please help?

ok so my car is a 94 geo prizm. i just got subs yesterday nothing too good but they are 800 watts. heres all the info- http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/New-800-Watt-Dual-8...

i also have a kenwood kac 624 amp. all i need now is an amp wiring kit, but i dont know what gauge, i dont want to blow my subs but i also want all the power i can get. i dont know how to determine gauge sizes and what not so pleaseeeee help

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    U can use

    4 guage amp kit

    This one is the best

    SoundQuest SQK0 1/0 Gauge Copper-Clad Aluminum Wiring Kit

    Technical Details

    * 1/0 Gauge Power and Grounding Wires

    * Remote Wire, Speaker wire, and RCA Signal Wires

    * Fuse Block and Fuse

    * Various crimp style connectors



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    You CAN NOT deliver too much power to your amp from the battery but you certainly can cause amp problems by not providing enough… And Caps are a waste of time and money! Therefore you need Mega Cables of 4 Gauge or heavier to power the amp and Mega cables 8 Gauge fine stranded to deliver the power from the amp to the speakers.

    Remember that the chassis of the car will serve as a ground path, but only if the chassis to battery ground terminal connector is heavy enough, I have seen chassis ground jumpers turn bright read and simply melt away! If in doubt, install a 4 Gauge Ground Jumper from the battery to the chassis.

    Keep the amp as close to the speakers as possible for all high power installations.

    Up to 1200 watt rms rated amps you can power directly from the battery with 4 gauge primary feeders, over 1200 Watts rms you need to add an additional battery mounted as close as possible to the amplifier and still use 4 gauge feeders! Remember also that your alternator probably delivers between 100 and 130 amps at 14.5 Volts DC, at 100 Amps Times 14.5 Volts that Equals 1450 Watts … Power Equals Volts Times Amps.

    So if your sound system is consuming 1200 Watts that leaves 250 watts to run the vehicle… and they did not put a 1450 watt alternator in your car because they thought you need a lot of extra electrical power… your car needs every bit of that power for the first 5 minutes after start up to recharge the battery! So if you are sucking every bit of excess to run your sound system from start up to shut down you will quickly be looking for the number of 1-800-JUMP START!

    Even if you install the additional battery for the amplifier you can not defy the simple law of physics – you can not take more energy out of a system than you put into it.

    However it is reassuring to know that your 2000 Watt monster system only uses 3000 watts of input power (yes it uses about 1 and one half times as much raw power as it delivers!) to deliver 2000 watts to your speakers when you are pushing it to its limit, at normal listening volumes it probably only needs around 300 to 400 watts of input power, which will still rock your socks off and vibrate the mirrors of any car near you!

    As to your choice of Amplifiers and Speakers, regardless of the brands or combination's you choose, disregard of the above Guidelines will bring you only bad smells and toasted components, not the sweet crash of symbols and pounding of drums. Following the Guidelines will result in satisfactory auditory stimulation with almost all of the available amps and speakers today.

    Source(s): 40 years behind the wrench.
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