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Baby names and baby name game?

1. You meet him at college, a few years later he proposes. What's his name and how did he propose?

2. You get married! What's the colour scheme for your wedding, and where do you go on honeymoon?

3. You buy your dream house, what's it like?

4. You try for your first baby, you have a baby boy! His initials are MA.

5. Two years later you try again, you have twin girls! Their initials are SA and EL.

6. A year later you get pregnant unexpectedly, you have another girl you choose a flower name and the middle name is your mother's first name.

7. Two years later, you have a five year old, two three year olds and a one year old... on a visit to an adoption centre with a friend whos planning to adopt, you fall in love with a baby boy. His initials are AH.

8. 3 years later you decide to try for one more baby... you end up with triplets! One boy and two girls. The boys initials are G his middle name is your fathers name the girl's initials are KE and AI.

Now list all your children's names...

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    my name is Sarah Anne Hughes

    1. his name is James Andrew LeClair

    2. our colour scheme is pink and white, we honeymooned in Las Vegas Photography

    3. http://www.investment-property-north-myrtle-beach....

    4. Mason Andrew LeClair -

    5. Sienna Amber LeClair and Ellie Lynn LeClair -

    6. Violet Susanna LeClair -

    7. Austin Henry Hobson-LeClair -

    8. Gavin Walter LeClair, Keira Emily LeClair, Alayah Isabelle LeClair (pictured: Alayah, Keira, Gavin)-

    so i have: Mason, Sienna, Ellie, Violet, Austin, Gavin, Keira, and Alayah

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    1. Ryan Hunter Smyth, he proposes exactly a year from when we met on the beach.

    2. Purple and white, we honeymoon in aruba.

    3. 2 storys, 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms. big backyard with a pool. a modern interior.

    4. Matthew Asher

    5. Scarlett Alexis and Ella Liyla

    6. Daisy Elana

    7. Ace Hayden

    8. Gavin Daniel, Kaylie Emma, and Arianna Leah









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    1. Patrick Alexander Corry. He proposes awkwardly after one of his best friends congratulates us too early.

    2. I dont plan on having a "color scheme" or anything traditional. I'm not a religious person, so I see no reason to partake in religious wedding traditions. Instead, my wedding is going to be more like a big party than a big, formal to-do. We honeymoon somewhere that neither of us has been to.

    3. At least 200 years old, needs a bit (or maybe more) of work, has a basement, is in the New England area, has a large lot, has a lot of storage space (whether its closets, garages or old barns -- there is no reason to underestimate the importance of storage space), has at least 4 bedrooms, has at least 2 bathrooms, and has a nice community around it.

    4. Matthew Allen (called Hughie/Hugh, named for my grandfathers)

    5. Samantha Adele and Eleanor Louise (Mandy and Eloise/Nora)

    6. Rosalie Denise (Sally)

    7. Alexander Hollis (Alexi)

    8. Gregory James, Katherine Edith and Anneliese Isabel (Rory, Erin and Lisa)

    All together:

    Hugh/Hughie, Mandy, Eloise/Nora, Sally, Alexi, Rory, Erin and Lisa

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    1. Andrew Mahoney, hid the ring in a box of halls, while skiing.

    2. light green, and light purple. Turks and Caicos.

    3. In Orange County, CA. Big, 2 car garage, 4 bedrooms and 4 baths.

    4. Micah Anthony

    5. Savannah Alice and Elianna Louise

    6. Violet Helena

    7. Andrew Harrison

    8. Greyson Michael, Keira Elizabeth and Addison Loralei

    My children:

    Weston Rhett

    Aurora Teagan

    Claire Moriah

    Cailyn Nicole

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    1. Joe Marcus Garner- on a sunday stroll along the beach

    2. Gold&White- New York

    3. A 5 bedroomed house, 4 acres of garden- 18 rooms.

    4. Marcus Andrew Garner

    5. Stephanie Anna Garner , Emily Louise Garner

    6. Daisy Susann Garner

    7. Adam Harry Garner

    8. Graham Timothy Garner, Kelsey Ellie Garner and Ally Isabelle Garner

    Marcus Andrew Garner, Stephanie Anna Garner, Emily Louise Garner, Daisy Susann Garner, Adam Harry Garner, Graham Timothy Garner, Kelsey Ellie Garner and Ally Isabelle Garner

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    1. Jacob Ryan "Jake" Proposed at a park in my hometown.

    2. Color scheme- White and Blue. Honeymoon in Hawaiia

    3. Dream house- 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom with a hottub and sauna on a balcony connected to the master suite and a huge pool and a basketball court and lots of dog kennels.

    4. Matthew Aaron "Matt"

    5. Savannah Alise and Emma Leslie

    6.. Dahlia Susan

    7. Averey Hunter

    8. Gavin John, Kyndall Emory, and Allyson Irena "Ally"

    Boys: Matthew "Matt", Averey, and Gavin

    Girls: Savannah, Emma, Kyndall and Allyson "Ally"

    That was fun.

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    His name is Marshall Paul Adams.

    He proposes on top of the ferris wheel in Navy Pier in Chicago.

    It's at night time, so all of the lights are on,

    and the wind is blowing off the lake.


    We get married in Navy Pier by the lake,

    the color scheme being anything nautical.

    We honeymoon in Ireland.


    We buy a house in Traverse City, Michigan.

    It's on Lake Michigan, and it's white with navy blue shutters,

    there's a wrap around porch,

    a giant Oak tree out front with an old-fashioned tire swing,

    and stone steps leading to a dock in the back yard,

    with a tiny white row boat, with chipping paint.


    our first baby is a boy,

    named Maddox Asher Adams.


    then we have twins,

    Sadie Aine Adams + Elisabeth Lynne Adams.



    then, we have a girl.

    Dahlia Jillian Adams.


    we then adopt a boy,

    his name is Archer Harrison Adams.


    ah, inevitable triplets!

    Gabriel Mathew, Kinley Eryn, + Ava Lorraine.

    Maddox, Sadie, Elsie, Dahlia, Archer, Gabe, Kinley, and Ava.

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    1. Max Santiago, kneels out of nowhere at a family Christmas party

    2. Colour scheme is soft purple, honeymoon at Boracay, Philippines

    3. Simple, 2-storey

    4. Matthew Asher

    5. Skye Amiel and Elisa Leanne

    6. Violet Amelia

    7. Alex Hayden

    8. Gabriel Jorge, Kristina Elizabeth and Andrea Isabel

    Matthew, Skye, Elisa, Violet, Alex, Gabriel, Kristina and Andrea

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    Aiden George Johnson

    Christmas eve, out dor ice skating rink in NYC Time Square.

    Yellow and White, Aruba.

    5 bed, 3 bath, huge garden, private swimming pool, Large farmhouse kitchen/diner.

    Max Aiden Johnson

    Sophie Ann Johnson

    Ella Loren Johnson

    Violet Loreena Johnson

    Alfie Hayden Johnson

    George David Johnson

    Khloe Elizabeth Johnson

    Annie Isabelle Johnson









  • 1. Joseph Campbell. When he proposes, we are stopped at the top of a Ferris wheel at the street carnival, and he pulls a ring out with that goofy smile on his face.

    2. The colors are sky blue and eggshell white, and we honeymoon in Fiji.

    3. The house is a small, homey two story cape mansion sitting on a cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a country style kitchen. The house is white with green shutters.

    4. Matthew Allen Campbell

    5. Savannah Abigail, and Elizabeth Lianne Campbell

    6. Ivy Crystal Campbell

    7. Adrian Hayden Campbell

    8. Geoff Jonathan, Kendall Eve, and Aria Iris Campbell

    Matthew, Savannah, Elizabeth, Ivy, Adrian, Geoff, Kendall, and Aria

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    Ryan James Tatlor; On the beach

    Blues. Alaska

    Two story with big backyard

    Mason Andrew

    Spencer Annaleise & Ember Lacie

    Ivy Katie

    Andrew Hayden

    Graham Jeffrey, Kinsleigh Eden, Addelaide Ireland

    Mason, Spencer, Ember, Ivy, Andrew, Graham, Kinsleigh, Addi

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