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Is surrogacy in the US, any different than James Caan attempting to adopt a child?

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    those attempting surrogacy usually strike a deal with someone who are willing to give up a baby for adoption and exchange money

    caan tried to buy a baby for a measly £750 for his brother from people who were living in a flood area and were in a horrendous situation , they refused his offer , he was not aware he was being videoed

    I have mixed feelings about the whole situation

    caan obviously cares for the people of pakistan and has done a lot to help , although he was more than willing to exploit this family and their horrendous circumstances

    the situation is not much different to madonna , at least the child Caan tried to buy would be brought up in its own culture and family

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    I think he got caught up in the emotion of the moment and wanted to do something for the child.

    Wouldn't most of us have felt that heart tug if we are honest.

    The amount he offered wasn't derisory for those people. More would probably have put their lives at risk in the community.,

    But, getting back to your question ...No, it is very different from surrogacy and of course on the broader world stage it would count as child trafficking, although I doubt that that thought popped into his mind for one second.

    As someone wrote so succinctly (although about an other subject), the heart is a lonely hunter.

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