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How would a college business class differ from a general education or social science class?

I'm trying to decide whether to major in Economics, or Finance. I'm not looking for the easier work, but I'm looking for the specific type of work to expect. (Long papers, Lots of Projects, Long Essays, etc)

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    When it comes to majoring in one thing or another you have to realize that you're not just taking a class, you're taking a series of classes designed to prepare you for your future career. So when you say economics, you will end up taking a lot of business classes, as well as certain types of math and English courses.

    The type of work you will be doing in either of these courses will be about the same. You will need to take college level algebra, which may or may not include trigonometry (depends on what state you live in or the college's major requirements) and you will need to take statistics. You'll also need to have at least 1 semester of freshman English, this is usually English 101 in most universities and junior/community colleges. Most likely you'll need a full year of English though.

    For any sort of major involving the management of money, you will have to take several accounting and business management courses that show you the laws about accounting, tax preparation, pay roll, human resource issues, and so forth. In addition you will need to take electives that will deal with anything from philosophy to the ethics involved in hiring practices. If you are an undergraduate it can't hurt to take about a year of a foreign language, this would include Spanish, French, German, Japanese, ASL, etc. Having a foreign language always looks good on a transcript. The biggest thing that you will need to decide is what you want to do with your degree and then speak with your advisor from there. They will help tailor the course work you need to help you get to where you want to be.

    As far as what to expect from the course work, you will see a huge variation in what you will be doing. For your English courses, you will need to write papers on books you've read, you will need to learn the three or four major types of essays and how to use them effectively, and you will need to be able to demonstrate your mastery of the English language and its associated grammar. For the business classes, you will write papers related to whatever business practices are being discussed by the instructor/professor, and you will most likely need to come up with a business model and learn how to create and incorporate your own pseudo-business. You'll probably end up learning how to use Excel, Word, and Powerpoint to create presentations, fliers, advertisements, etc. You'll also be doing a great deal of math, both raw math and applied math that will deal with laws and regulations about money and management.

    I know its kind of confusing, but the best way to get a good idea as to what to expect, is to speak with a college advisor, a professor, or a professional in the field who has done the work already. Hope this helps you out.

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