Do you think he is hot!? Even though hes gay :(?

Im in LOVE with Hollys world and better yet JOSH STRICKLAND!!! I love him! I want to see peepshow but its for adults :(


He has an amazing voice!! Your right! :)

Update 2:

Justin Bieber doesnt come close to anyone that sings. He seriously sucks. Josh strickland is at least hot and sings GOOD!

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  • 9 years ago
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    I saw peepshow in Vegas. The guy has a great voice.

  • Yeah when i first saw him i thought he was hot and i didnt know he was gay until he spoke and then he kinda turned me of now hes kinda cute but not as much as i first thought he was its kinda like when a man thinks a girl is smoking hot and then she opens her mouth and sounds kinda like a guy they alofasudden dont think shes that hot

  • Okey Justin Bieber is gay his handsome actually im a guy and gonna shoot myself cause of saying gay stuff. oh i gonna be sick

  • 9 years ago

    he definitely looks gay yea hes pretty hot

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