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阿蓉仔 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

請問largestsingle art collection

請問The Bank has amassed the largest single art collection of any company in the world. 這句中的single art collection是什麼意思啊?



The Deutsche Guggenheim Museum is able to call upon the resources of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, whose worldwide collection of modern art and avant-garde works is probably unrivalled by any other cultural institute. In addition, it can access the art holdings of Deutsche Bank, which, ever since its foundation in 1870, has regarded its cultural commitment as an integral part of its commercial and social responsibility. Since 1979, in the execution of this policy, the Bank has amassed the largest single art collection of any company in the world, numbering in excess of 50,000 works, featuring mainly drawings and contemporary works on paper.




單一種類是指 ,

比方說全部都是繪畫, 全部都是雕塑, 這樣的意思嗎?



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    譯作 "單一藝術品" (或 "獨立藝術品") 蒐藏, 其相對的說法就是"多樣性藝術品"(multiple arts)

    2010-10-24 20:58:28 補充:

    就我理解, 所謂單一藝術作品是一種概念, 沒有明確的定義。舉例: 一副油畫, 一座雕塑, 一首樂曲, 攝影作品, 燈光藝術....都可以視為各種單一藝術; 而所謂multiple arts就具備複合性質, 例如電影, 組合了攝影, 燈光, 化妝, 剪輯....等, 對每個單項藝術的執行者而言, 電影就不是單一藝術品。

    若把高度拉到製作人、導演的角度來看, 一部完整的「電影」又成了單一藝術品了, 李安的電影有其獨特的辨識度, 讓你認定某部電影為「單一作品」, 但你卻不知道 (不在意) 攝影是誰? 剪輯是誰?

    這個概念講起來挺籠統的, 希望有更專業人士補充。

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