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Anonymous asked in SportsWrestling · 1 decade ago

What is the Wrestling Section PPV #18 results and extras?


PPV Name: WS Royal Rumble

Dark Match: Ms.Lol def. Maria Maranoos after a spear. 2:12

Takerluke def. CDMAX, Sharky, Juelz, The Extreme Pigeon and CHARLES. CDMAX was eliminated first, then CHARLES, The Extreme Pigeon, Juelz, and Sharky. 3:13

Big Mike and Mr. E def. Straight Edge Suicide and Ivan (Pudge) Rodriguez after Big Mike made SES submit. 8:37

DJoMo def. The 3xtreme Jeff H@rdy after a starship pain in 15:02. DJoMo is the NEW United States Championship

Shaun Cold def. Big Ran after several of chair shots in 32:07. Shaun Cold is the NEW World Heavyweight Championship

The Dragon def. SQ85 after after a Powerbomb on SQ85 in 6:09

The Bio-Hazard def. Prince of Phenomenal after a Bicycle Kick in 17:01. The Bio-Hazard is still WS Champion

Royal Rumble Match:

Note: I didn't counted any votes for this one with the exception of Lizacod's vote and a few others. The reason I didn't counted any votes is because it will ruin the storyline for The Bio-Hazard, Prince of Phenomenal, Lizacod and Luis V. so I am gonna choose the winner:

Order of Royal Rumble Entry:

1. Pook S


3. Chicago Knight

4. 2 Normal

5. Suicidal D

6. CeNexus

7. Big Mike

8. Takerluke

9. Prasdana


11. Shane

12. Maria Maranoos


14. French Canadian Diva

15. Mr. E

16. The Undead Titan

17. Moshi Man

18. Sharky

19. Luis V.

20. sharpshooter

21. Infamous Anderson

22. Straight Edge Suicide.

23. Ms. Lol

24. Rated Violent

25. The 3xtreme Jeff H@rdy

26. LP23

27. DJoMo

28. The Extreme Pigeon

29. Gothαm City Sαiηt™

30. 'Dashing' Miss Lizacod

Order of Elimination:

1. Chicago Knight By WWF ATTITUDE

2. 2 Normal by Suicidal D

3. CDMAX by Suicidal D, Big Mike, Prasdana, Takerluke, Pook S, WWF ATTITUDE, and CeNexus

4. Pook S by Takerluke

5. Maria Maranoos by Shane

6. Takerluke by Shane and Prasdana

7. CHARLES by CeNexus

8. Suicidal D by French Canadian Diva

9. Moshi Man by WWF ATTITUDE

10. Shane by Big Mike and Mr. E

11. Prasdana by Big Mike and Mr. E

12. Mr. E by Big Mike

13. Big Mike by CeNexus

14. The Undead Titan by Luis V.

15. Sharky by Luis V.

16. French Canadian Diva by Luis V.

17. Ms. Lol by Gothαm City Sαiηt™

18. WWF ATTITUDE by Rated Violent

19. LP23 by Infamous Anderson and 'Dashing' Miss Lizacod

20. The Extreme Pigeon by sharpshooter

21. Straight Edge Suicide by The 3xteme Jeff H@rdy

22. CeNexus by Rated Violent

23. Infamous Anderson by Rated Violent

24. DJoMo by The 3xtreme Jeff H@rdy

25. Gothαm City Sαiηt™ by sharpshooter

26. The 3xtreme Jeff H@rdy by Rated Violent

27. Rated Violent by sharpshooter

28. sharpshooter by Luis V.

It's down to 'Dashing' Miss Lizacod and Luis V. They both fall out at the exact same time.

Royal Rumble Winner: 'Dashing' Miss Lizacod and Luis V.

Both of them complain about who is the real winner. Out of Nowhere Prince of Phenomenal attacks Lizacod. Luis V. then gets Prince of Phenomenal with a Fameasser and throw him out the ring. Then Luis V. stares at Lizacod and is about to attck her but The Bio-Hazard makes the save and chase Luis V. to backstage and they brawl backstage. Lizacod is alone in the ring and she points at the "WSmania II" logo and fireworks come out while her song plays.

End of PPV



The next PPV will be probably next week because I have a field trip in Saturday and at Sunday I have to do some busy things. If I have time this week I will make the PPV. If not then wait till next week.

Comfirmed Matches for next PPV:

Shaun Cold (c) vs Big Ran vs The 3xtreme Jeff H@rdy vs Infamous Anderson vs CDMAX vs LP23 in a Elimination Chamber Match fore the World Heavyweight Championship

The Bio-Hazard (c) vs Rated Violent vs sharpshooter vs Prince of Phenomenal vs Shane vs The Undead Titan in a Elimination Chamber Match for the WS Championship

Team Luis V. (5 members) vs Team Lizacod (5 members)

Do a promo if your in one of these matches. If your not in these matches then promo about something else

WQ: What was your favorite PPV in the WWE or TNA?

16 Answers

  • 1 decade ago
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    Kick*ss finish to the Royal Rumble! The match looked really entertaining. :)

    As far as promos are concerned, I believe I'm cutting my first one (well, one that I myself have written) for the WS PPV!

    "Well, well, well. The last PPV was a pretty good night for the Dashing one. Where should I begin? First of all, I won the Royal Rumble... along with a little creep named Luis V., but I digress. I get to challenge either Bio-Hazard or Shaun Cold for their title belts, and you know what? For the sake of a little friendly competition, I'm leaning toward Bio-Hazard. You guys know that he's a good pal of mine. But at the same time, the guy saved my a** from getting pummeled by the little creep that I was talking about. Which brings me to my next point! I was able to tell who is on my side and who isn't. You would think that after helping Prince of Phenomenal's a** after it got kicked would be enough for him to have gratitude toward me, since anybody else just would have left him there - and rightfully so, because the guy is way too self-righteous for his own good. But no, he had to go and try to get rid of me because he couldn't get the job done against Bio-Hazard... not that anybody expected him to. Have you seen Bio? The guy's STACKED!

    "But Luis V. was able to get him out of the ring, and I thought for a moment that we were on the same page. That was, until I saw that crazy 'Luis V.' look in his eyes. You know, the one he had when he was about to shoot either Prince, Bio or I a couple of weeks ago? Safe to say that dude can NOT be trusted. But you know me, guys. I always have a plan up my sleeve. Unlike Luis V. and PoP, who seem to only have sticks up their a**es. Oh, I kid, I kid. Or not, you decide. *wink* Either way, look for this WSmania to be DASHING!"

    Source(s): (Luis V. and Prince of Phenomenal: I think you guys are awesome, I'm just trying to stay in-character while discussing your guys' characters. Feel free to say mean things about my character, too, lol.)
  • 1 decade ago


    "Well, I guess I lost the Royal Rumble. So close too!!! I just had to out last two more guys and that main event spot at WSMania could had been mine. You know, I remember the last WSMania, back when I was in the world title run, Luis V. was just some up and coming newcomer. Let me just say, not bad. Not bad at all. Because of him, I did not win the Rumble and will not be able to main event at WSMania. However, I still have one more shot. And that is by winning the world title at the next PPV. By winning the World title, I will insure my status as a maineventer at the grandest stage of them all. Last year, it was the Dragon, and now, it can be Luis V or Lizacod. However, I am aware that it won't be easy. If you think the Royal Rumble is brutal, man, you ain't see nothing yet. The six man elimination chamber match. Not just that, but with five tough competitors. One of them, being Rated Violent.

    But let me just say, that feud with Rated Violent, is ridiculous. It just seems like no matter what, it will never end. Because of that, its a huge waste of time. I should had been focusing more on something else and that is winning the world title. Its been ages since I had that around my waist, and I think its about time it returns to it rightful place. So, Rated Violent, Prince of Phenomenal, Shane, The Undead Titan. Watch out. Sharpshooter is back on the title run and you better believe it. I won't go down with out a fight!!!"

    End Promo.

    Geez. Promoing as a face is tough. Hahaha. Anyway. Great show. Shaun Cold winning the title was a shocker. PS. Feel free to ignore my promo. I totally understand the concept of pushing someone else. Go for it.

    WQ: My favorite PPV .....ever!!! Was the Royal Rumble in 2004. The one where he who should not be named won at #1. It also featured my favorite match between HHH and HBK. Plus it was this PPV, where Eddie Guerrero's main event push took off. Plus Evolution winning the title was pretty good.

    But if you mean this year. Money in the Bank for WWE this year was good. As for TNA, it wasn't the PPV, but the Whole F'kin Show that was great.

    EDIT: @CDMAX. Lol. That is pretty good.

  • Promo: Ooh came up a little short in the Royal Rumble. I eliminated my tag team partner and still couldn't win? Damn that sucks. What I don't understand is why aren't I in one of the Elimination Chamber matches? I deserve it after all I've done in the tag team division right? (Crowd cheers) Thats what I thought. But if that doesn't work I guess I'll join Lizacod's team. But I promise that I will be WS Champion soon enough.

  • 1 decade ago


    Well I told You The 3xtreme Jeff H@rdy. I will be the US Champion and here look at me Holding the US Title on my waist. Like how i just told you. I am the New US CHAMPION! And i was very close to winning the Royal Rumble when you threw me over by luck. I knew you were mad and suddenly you just threw me over but no worries because DJoMo always rises up. Today i am the US Champion and someday will be the WS Championship.

  • 1 decade ago

    Promo: right after my match w/t Shaun Cold

    I'm sure everyone, especially my fans are wondering what i'm thinking right now as I stand before the world bloody, battered, and titleless. well, i'll tell you exactly what i'm thinking!!!! shaun cold!!! (points to camera) your a deadman!!! We put on a clinic in that ring tonight, we both gave it our all!!! and in the end, you had to take the punk way out and bash my f*&*ing head in w/t a steel chair?!?! why shaun?!!?

    I'll tell you why!!! you knew damn well that I had your number, and you let your lust for the richest prize in pro wrestling corrupt you and make what you will soon realize to be a FATAL mistake.

    at the next ppv, you can rest assure that i'm gonna hit the cutter on you for the 1....2....3... and take back what's rightfully mine!!!!

    As for The rest of the guys in the Elimination Chamber....I have no beef w/t any of you, but I'm forwarning you, you better NOT get in my way!!!! I WILL get justice for myself and my fans and once again become the WS World Heavyweight Champion!!!!

    end promo....

  • 1 decade ago

    I went from competing for the US Championship to the WS Championship.

    Nice push there.

    WQ: WrestleMania, No Surrender or Money In The Bank.

  • 1 decade ago

    Promo-DjoMo congratulation on you victory tonight you are the new united states champion,but tonight im gonna compite for the ws world heavyweight champion i know there are alot of great wrestler in this match but i wouldn't care how big they are or how great they are,im gonna try everything i can to hold this world title.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    So Suicidal D may not have won the Royal Rumble but that doesn't change the fact that soon very soon I will be champion. Whether you want to accept it or not. Stay on suicide watch.

    Source(s): The whole F'n show
  • Yo! The Enigmatic Creature is not on there wow cant belive it I'm about to go tell my mom what you did then i gonna go get my Crew on you lol Jk Dude But This is a good card Bro.

  • 1 decade ago

    Good PPV 10/10 and thank you for putting me in it even though I lost. Feel free to make me a jobber but aslong as I am in your show.

    WQ: Wrestlemania 17

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