Coaching Help for football?

i'm trying to be a coach is madden 11 good or do i have to do something else? If so what else? I'm 13


i mean just somethig that will help me coach not like a NCAA or NFL job just a job for now

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    If you are serious about coaching, then to be honest, no. Madden nor any other video game out there will help you be a better coach. Coaching is much more then just drawing up plays and having players run them. Coach is learning and knowing the technique of the game. And more importantly, also being able to teach your players these techniques.

    If you truly want to get involved in coaching football, go to a local book store and see if they have any coaching books on football. They can be useful on learning technique, teaching the game and earning the respect of your players. Also if you have the ability to shadow another coach and learn "on the job". That can be the best way to become a better coach.

    But video games are not a viable way to learn or understand the aspects of football. That would be like saying your gonna join a fantasy football league to learn how to coach football. It serves no purpose at all. (not even at drawing up plays, trust me, Ive seen the plays in Madden and no coach would use those)

    Hope this helps.

    Source(s): Personal experience at coaching
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    Lemme give it a try: 1) If you are talking about coaching Jr. high or High School football, then no, you don't HAVE to have played in HS or college. It surely doesn't hurt. It adds to your credibility and "feel" for the game. (What is "club" level?) 2) Volunteer to help coach a pee wee or pop warner football team. Join your HS football team and hang around the coaching staff. 3) There are a couple of different ways to go about it. To coach HS or JH you will also have to teach. So, an education degree is a start. You can major in Coaching and sports admn or even phys ed. Either way, you'll probably have to obtain a teacher license. 4) Speaking from personal experience. Get a teaching degree in a subject that is high in demand. Math, special ed, etc. Coaches that teach drivers ed, PE, biology, history and health are a dime a dozen. Start out small, like Jr High or even lower. Learn the game and how to organize and teach. You should pay attention and learn how to deal with kids AND their parents. Coaching is way more than just teaching Xs and Os. It can be very rewarding but also very trying.

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    1 decade ago

    Will playing a video game really help you get a coaching job?

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    1 decade ago

    Yes, and get some Super Mario in as well.

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    6 years ago

    complex step. query using yahoo or google. that will could help!

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