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Is it illegal to copy images and place it in your website?

I am currently making a website that rates movies. Am I allowed to copy images from google and place them within my website? I was planning on placing it into a movie profile page that states which movie company made it, as well as the director, writers, cast, etc.. Basically all information about the movie itself. Is this illegal considering that i am putting all the information about the movie within the profile as well the picture i copied?

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    well... yes, but unless someone has a problem with it youll be fine. if you contact the movie company and ask for permission to use it, it is not illegal (its easy to get permission)

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  • 9 years ago

    If the picture is copyrighted (and 99% of them are) then you need the permission of the copright holder to use the picture.

    That being said, there is also something called "fair use". This means that you are allowed to use material (including part of a page from a book, part of a song, a short video clip or a picture) when doing a review of the item. You are doing something that is of benefit to the copyright holder and that will hopefully make money for them (assuming it is a favorable review). So normally you will not get a complaint if you use a picture in a review. And you may have the legal right to that.

    If the picture is from a movie, you can usually get away with it. If the shot is a professional "head shot" of an actor, director, etc, you can not. That is not part of a "review", but rather is a work of art owned by the photographer.

    If the copyright holder holder objects, they are required to notify you in writing (which can be an e-mail to your site) and normally have to give you a reasonable time period (usually 72 hours) to remove the image before they can take legal action against you. If you remove the picture within the time frame, they have no legal grounds to sue you.

    It is a tricky area, and one where you have to be careful. But generally if you are not misusing the image, you will not get an objection to its use.

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  • Sylwia
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    4 years ago

    Is it illegal? Technically, I guess the answer is yes. Are you likely to get caught? No. If the photographer found out that you were using it for a background on your cell phone, would he/she sue you? Probably not (at least if that was the only thing you were using it for, and you weren't trying to make copies or sell them). I understand people's concerns but people can be so goddamn uptight around here . . .

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  • Ben
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    9 years ago

    Whether it's illegal or not depends on how you use it. In your case, it would fall under fair use since you're using the image in a discussion of the movie.

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