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You opinion about wrestler's with gimmicks for this new pg era.?

I was just thinking this.... We all, well most of us remember the 80's era right? And we remember that it was pg as well in the WWE/WWF. We also seems to remember a whole lot of the gimmicks and wrestler's that portrayed those gimmicks. What I'm trying to say here is that do you think that Wrestler Gimmicks can work again in this new pg era? Especially since it is made for young kids. Or do you think it would be too cheesy nowadays? I remember gimmicks like "Superfly Jimmy Snuka", "Jake the Snake Roberts", "Hillbilly Jim", "Big Boss Man", "King Kong Bundy", One Man Gang", The Iron Sheik", "Nikkoli Volkoff", "Hacksaw Jim Duggan" "Honky Tonk Man", and then in the early 90's we saw, " Undertaker", "The Mountie", "Duke the Dumpster Drosie", "IRS", "Earthquake", "Typhoon", "Saba Simba", "Yokozuna", just to name a few gimmicks. Do you think they should bring back gimmicks again in wrestling? It did make storylines exciting when they used more of their gimmicks for the stories.

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    Well....I think gimmicks are still around to an extent.

    Big Show (largest athlete in the world), Mark Henry (strongest), Undertaker (still deadman/undead/demon etc), Cody ....I mean DASHING Cody Rhodes, Ted Dibiase (Million Dollar Spoiled Brat), Kane (is still the monster), Drew Mcintyre (hand picked by Vince etc), Alberto Del Rio (honest man gimmick), and I'm sure there are many others.

    Anyway if the gimmicks were like that of the old days, (George Animal Steel, Earthquake, typhoon, Hillbilly Jim, etc), I dont think they will work well.

    Today kids want to dress as vamps, zombies, warewolves, and things like that....they don't want to dress like the good guys anymore....Why? I seem to like the scary and not the superhero.

    Anyway, long story short, bring back gimmicks to the extent of the 80's? no....I don't think so.

    Otherwise you are getting Doink and are getting Giant gonzales, Kamala the head hunter, head shrinkers, Xanta Klaus, Mantaur, The Genius Leaping Lanny Poffo and many many more....

    Do the viewers really want to watch that again? I sure don't...

    Some of those matches with the gimmicked wrestlers were very hard to watch back then.



    Interesting Idea. But Slam Master J is gone from the WWE...And Red Rooster? Eghh....IMO, it was not a very good gimmick....not the worst...but not a good gimmick...a guy that highlights his hair red...and struts around in the ring, for a few seconds before a match and to woo the crowed...and then that's it. King Kong Bundy was not a huge hit either...he just made a good heel. Could have called him Big Jerk Bundy and it would have been the same.

    Superfly Snucka was cool but not thatttt cool.

    Also realize that most of the wrestlers want to make a name for themselves. To ride the coat tails of other wrestlers (unless it was in your lineage) makes no sense, or you really just are hurting for a gimmick and it makes sense.

    It's like saying well let's make Jack Swagger the Undertaker II. He's got good size, wrestles well, and moves well in the ring.

    Like making Mcguilicuty Mr. Perfect because his dad was COULD work...Like Ted Dibase Jr. Is doing.

    Cody Rhodes is a stretch with his dashing gimmick. Mimicking various wrestlers like Rick Martel, Gorgeous George, and Ravishing Rick Rude etc.

    So gimmicks are still alive and well.

    Just that we don't have ones that didn't and won't do well like in the past. Gobbledygooker, Akeem(AKA: One Man gang), Tugboat, Mantaur, Battle Kat, Aldo Montoya, etc... I just don't want to see WWE trying these types of things soon. I think they learned from this lesson. I mean...imagine them trying this now? Repo man? Akeem? Mantaur? Of course you can change them up a bit...and Make it something else...IE: Predator, or Foreclosure man, or SWAT Team, know...but I reallllyyy don't see this happening. Nexus is a good gimmick right now. It works well. It is a group people love to hate.

  • Gimmicks that work today:

    1.Red Rooster (Slam Master J can do this)

    2.King Kong Henry (Mark Henry)

    3.Super Fly Kingston

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    well i my self remember rick flair hulk hogan cowboy bob orton and so on it was real then not all this talking stuff

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