what is the introduction of slam by nick hornby?

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    Summary = The novel's protagonist is a troubled 16-year-old skateboarder, Sam that lives in London, UK . His mother, Annie, gave birth to him when she was just 16. They therefore have an unconventional relationship. He has a poster of Tony Hawk in his room that serves as his friend and confidant. Sam’s two best friends are Rabbit and Rubbish, two skateboarders. Sam’s father, Dave, is somewhat estranged from the family, visiting them only occasionally. After being introduced to Alicia at a party thrown by Annie’s co-worker, Andrea, Sam and Alicia start dating. He believes he is in love with her and visits her numerous times, almost daily, in which they have sex several times. However, one time Sam and Alicia try having sex not wearing protection.

    Another summary = Fifteen-year-old Sam is an avid skateboarder and fan of the legendary American skater Tony Hawk, whose autobiography Hawk Occupation: Skateboarder he has read “forty or fifty” times. In fact, whenever Sam is troubled, he talks to the poster of Hawk that hangs in his bedroom. And, believe it or not, the poster talks back – in appropriate passages from the autobiography!

    As if this weren’t weird enough, when Sam’s girlfriend, Alicia, announces that she’s pregnant and the boy once again consults the poster, it not only offers the usual (fairly obscure) advice, it also “whizzes” him into the future! How weird is that?

    Worse, the future proves no less confusing than the present. For the fact is, neither Sam nor Alicia is prepared to become a teen parent (though Sam himself was born when his parents were only sixteen) and both will soon be called on to make some very adult decisions about their lives.

    While Nick Hornby respects the seriousness of these subjects, he also manages to write an irresistibly funny, heartfelt book that is filled with quirky, engaging, and believable characters struggling to make sense of lives as suddenly bumpy as a ride on an out-of-control skateboard.

    Alternatively get the book out of your local library.

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    It is too long to write. I am sending you a link on Amazon that allows you to look inside the book. I am sending you a direct link to the book. If that does not work I am sending you a link to the Amazon page with the link to the book in it. It is the first book and says look inside. You may need to make an Amazon account to look inside.

    It is a great book about a teenage boy who is skater and gets his teenage girlfriend pregnant. I you have not read it you should. My daughter read it in school and I read it. It was good so read the book too!

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