What is the difference between taps and screw extractors?

I need to know the difference between taps. Pipe taps. Screw extractors. Pipe extractors. And ease outs please.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Taps are made to cut proper size threads in either a new hole or clean out threads of a damage already threaded hole. Pipe taps are sized for cutting or cleaning out threads specifically pipe threads.

    Screw extractors are made to insert in a hole drilled into a broken off screw which then the screw extractor is placed, and then you back out or remove the damaged screw. Some screw extractors will bite into the remaining broken off head of the screw and then you backout extractor which brings out the broken screw with it.

    Pipe extractors are placed inside the broken off pipe and bite into the inside off the pipe and holding a grip as you then attempt to back out the broken pc. of pipe.

    Easy out is another name for an extractor. In many situations there is no other option when a bolt or screw is broken off - you must get out the left over pc. of broken screw or bolt so you can install a new one or drill and tap a new slightly larger hole for a new bolt. Taps are made in many different diameters and pitch or angle of the threads. They are made in both standard and metric.

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  • 10 years ago

    a tap is used to cut threads in steel so you can insert a screw, whereas a screw extractor is used to extract a broken screw. a screw extractor does not cut threads.

  • 10 years ago

    taps create treading where it is needed or has been damaged

    extractors get a hold on the broken/stripped part and remove it

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