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is it ok for the baby to have my last name? im its mommy!?

im 14 and 3 months preggers. could mosy likely be twins. i havent told anyone at all. i want the baby to have my last name for quite a few reasons.

me and the daddy arent getting married just because we have a baby.

im the one going through all of this pain and intorturement.

im not leaving my baby. the daddy might not want a baby and decide to leave us but im not going anywhere.

all the names ive picked out sound better with my last name than his.

i have my moms last name and i love the uniqueness of having your moms name.

please help by just ur opinion. i know having sex was wrong but now im paying for it so please try not to be harsh and judgemental.

the names (in case you wanted to know) are...

veronica jade

leanna marie

emmett stephen

aidyn jacob

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    whatever name you want is fine. you need to tell people. You need to be seeing the doctor, even moreso if you are having twins. 14 is young and pregnancy is a strain on the body, particularly if it in fact is twins. not sure if you care but jacob and aidan are really trendy names right now so a lot of babies have them. I like Jade. Good luck. I hope you are taking prenatal vitamins, eating right and taking care of yourself.

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  • 9 years ago

    Ha ha, having sex is not wrong! You're not paying for it, you're having two lovely babies so enjoy!

    It's a personal choice and one that you have to make with the baby's daddy. I see nothing wrong with them having your name, we are not living in the middle ages anymore and if you're not married why should they automatically take their Dads. Maybe if you did get married one day, you could all take your name or his name. Familes come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes these days.

    When I became pregnant, my fiancee proposed to me, but I wanted to be sure he wasn't just doing that because we were having a baby - which was planned by the way. We are engaged,but we're not going to get married just because the little one is coming. We will get married one day soon, and when we do I will take his name but only because I want to. So the baby will have his name. but if we had no plans to get married I would want it to have mine.

    I hope he does stick around and be a dad, but at the end of the day a name will not change anything, so do what feels right for you

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  • 9 years ago

    Ok 1st of all u really need to tell people, u need their support! Also i hope u have seen a doctor because antenatal care is so so so important! U should be taking folic acid etc but im not gonna lecture u or annoy u, thats not up 2 me :) yes its ok for the baby to have ur name, alot of people do that nowadays (i think its the best decision in ur case) and if for some reason u wanted to change that in the future, u can!

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  • 9 years ago

    Why shouldn't the baby have your last name? Especially if you're not even sure the dad is gonna stick around.. go for it I say!

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  • 9 years ago

    Yes! They definitely can! My baby boy does!

    Source(s): 15 and mom of 1 Congrats!!!
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