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Has anyone found a nail polish that doesn't chip? I wash my hands a lot at work and my...?

...manicures only last for one day.

I've tried opi, china glaze, and tons of other drug store brands...please help!

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    Its the TOPCOAT that counts...........You could use the MOST exspensive polish or the cheapest but what u put on top of it, is what will make it last.

    SECHE VITE the very best out there. Because it drys from the BOTTOM UP not the top down. It will dry 6 coats of polish into the nail plate, not just dry the first coat. I have very long NATURAL nails, it takes alomost 1/4 of bottle of OPI polish to cover my nails so a topcoat is important. How good is seche vite?

    My best friend had a very exspenisve french manicure done on her toes before HAWAII and I put the seche vite on top/ 2 weeks of sand,surf & scuba............her toes looked just as good when she left on plane as well as when she got off. Its simply the BEST!

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    I used to work in the food industry and I cook a lot at home. I have tried every polish and top coat out there and nothing works.

    What I started doing instead was getting a High Shine Buff. On my nails, it looks like a French Manicure and it lasts for 3 weeks.

    Instead of putting polish on, they buff your nails until they are glass shiny.

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    Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Color


    Shine, Color & Strength in One Bottle!

    The "original" nail color + treatment!

    Nails are sealed with brilliant shine for added protection against chipping, cracking and splitting.

    No DBP, Toluene or Free Formaldehyde.

    Available in 28 beautiful shades.

    Special Ingredients:

    Exclusive Expoxy + Iron formula gives nails a hard, smooth, chip-resistant surface that helps strengthen and support.

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    Apply a clear top coat and put it under the tips of your nails as well, this will create a wrap around seal and your polish will not chip so easily.

    No matter what brand of polish you use, it will chip, the key is to seal it on.

    Good luck!

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    Surprisingly enough the generic $0.99 "no-chip" top coat that I buy at the drugstore seems to work better than anything else I've tried, regardless of the nail polish I use (even the kinds that would certainly chip without this).

    Here are a couple to try if you want a name you recognize:

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    The only way to stop any brand chipping, is to get an acrylic overlay on your nail before painting. Polish always holds onto acrylic but no matter the brand, it will NOT stay on your nails.

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    Try Wet & Wild.=)

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