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What exercises are best to increase the size of a guys pectoral muscles?

I am looking for specific workout plans and different variations to constantly keep my arms and pecs building up and increasing in size.

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    There should be method in training those pectoralis muscles. The

    overall shape and development of the chest is a product of the

    exercises you choose and how those exercises are incorporated into

    your overall chest workout. Ignoring certain exercises or

    concentrating solely on one type of chest exercise can lead you to pec

    imbalances. The most common type of "imbalance" with the chest is

    deficient upper pec development. This is common in those individuals

    who fail to incorporate incline bench presses into their training or

    save them until the end of their chest workout, when the clock has

    struck twelve and their chest has turned into a pumpkin.

    There are 3 distinct regions within the muscle that will develop

    depending upon the exercises you perform. It is important that you

    train the upper, middle and lower regions of the pectoralis muscle, as

    well as begin with the exercise which focuses on the weakest area of

    your chest. For most people that's the upper chest. And for this

    reason, we begin our workout with the incline movement.

    Begin the workout with 5 minutes of stretching using 5-10 pound

    weights in each hand. With weights in hand, lie on a flat bench and

    allow your fully extended arms to dip down to the floor. This

    stretches out the pecs and prepares your chest for the workout ahead.

    Then, for each exercise perform 1-2 light warm-up sets of 15

    repetitions using a light weight which allows you to effectively warm

    up the muscles for that particular movement without causing premature

    fatigue. After the warm-up, perform 4 sets of the exercise with the

    following repetitions: 12, 10, 8, 6. Gradually increase the weight

    with each set. The weight you choose should allow you to complete the

    desired number of repetitions for each set, but the weight should also

    be sufficient so that the final few reps demand the most out of your

    pecs. Having a spotter for safety as well as assisting in a forced rep

    or two is a definite advantage.

    Exercise 1 - Incline Bench Press

    This exercise will help you develop the weakest area of your chest,

    at least with most of us... the upper chest. Beginning your workout

    with this exercise will allow you to use maximum power from your upper

    chest to force that chest to grow! Keep the movement slow and

    controlled while getting full movement, bringing the bar or dumbbells

    all the way down, then all the way to the top. While you press the

    weight up your primary focus should be on squeezing your chest.

    Exercise 2 - Decline Bench Press

    This exercise is excellent for developing the lower aspect of your

    chest. This exercise has a tendency to really work those triceps too

    so remember to focus on squeezing the chest. Avoiding complete lockout

    of your elbows will also decrease your triceps involvement.

    Exercise 3 - Flat Dumbbell Flys

    This is an excellent exercise to finish off your chest workout. It is

    an isolation movement which places complete focus on the pectoralis

    muscles. This is because it consists of pure arm adduction which is

    the primary movement performed by the pectoralis muscles. Start by

    lying on a flat bench with your arms fully extended above your chest

    with your palms facing each other and elbows slightly bent. Bring the

    weights down towards the floor while maintaining the slight elbow

    flexion. Stop when you feel your arms are close to locking out. Then

    squeeze your pecs as you bring the weights back to the starting

    position. The entire movement should be 100% focused on squeezing the

    pecs together... as if you had an egg between your pecs and you were

    attempting to crack the shell as you squeezed those pecs together.

    Remember these important points to maximize your pectoralis gains:

    Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze the chest and nothing else. On every

    repetition of your chest routine you must focus on squeezing the

    chest... do this and the weight will go in the appropriate direction.

    Be sure to perform a full motion but don't over do it. Getting a good

    stretch with each exercise is important... however, when you're

    handling heavier weights don't completely lock out your joints in the

    down position as this places a great deal of stress on ligaments,

    joint capsules and other supporting structures.

    Push-ups are good if you can't make it to the gym or if you're out of

    town and can't get to a gym. They work the pecs but they are

    definitely no replacement for the real thing. They simply do not

    provide the quality and quantity of resistance that free weights give.

    Never attempt to "max out" or try a new heavier weight without a

    spotter. Remember this cardinal rule especially when using barbells to

    prevent a potentially serious injury.

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    Bench press

    Incline bench press

    decline bench press

    push ups

    Flies (incline)

    Dumbell bench press

    The key is adding a small amount of weight every time (unless you have been lifting a year, then more likely adding weight a week) and ensuring you are on a calorie gain/surplus. Also 1 gram or 1.5 grams of protein per lb of body weight.

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    Bench, bench, bench. straight, incline, decline.

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    dumbell flys and pushups all the way broo

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