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    NOUN 是名詞. It includes the following: person, animal, plant, place, thing, food, clothes, means of transportation, sport and entertainment, scientific, art and business terms, academic subject, ideas and concepts.......etc.. and abstract noun.

    person - teacher, speaker, boy, woman

    animal - dog, bird

    plant - rose, tree

    place - school, London, bank, China

    thing - book, knife

    food - rice, beef

    clothes - pants, hat

    means of transportation - car, train

    sport and entertainment - basketball, movie, ballet

    scientific and business term - acceleration, titration, mortgage, profit

    academic subject - physics, music, history, drawing

    ideas and concepts - socialism, poverty, welfare

    abstract noun - success, happiness

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    noun 名詞

    I have a delicious apple.

    This is my apple

    I go to school by bus

    We are going to picnic if it does not rain on Sunday.

    Do you know how to answer this question?

    We have passed the examination with credit.

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    e.g.1. I am a BOY. (我是一個男孩子。)

    男孩子係一個名詞, 所以boy係一個noun.

    e.g.2. I have a NEW GAME. (我有一個新遊戲。)

    新遊戲係一個名詞, 所以new game係一個noun.

    e.g.3. She is playing the PEN. (她正在轉筆。)

    筆係一個名詞, 所以pen係一個noun.

    e.g.4. I am riding a HORSE. (我正在騎馬。)

    馬係一個名詞, 所以pen係一個noun.

    e.g.5. He loves his MOTHER. (他愛他的媽媽。)

    媽媽係一個名詞, 所以mother係一個noun.

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