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How much are my yugioh cards worth?

I'll give you a list of the cards with details on their rareness.

By holographic I mean by your basic holographic cards, and by shining I mean those ultra rare cards with the silver shiny title and picture. And by used I mean it has a scratch or smudge on it.

Elemental Hero Ocean - Limited Edition JUMP-EN013 (holographic picture & gold title)

Elemental Hero Stratos - Limited Edition JUMP-EN012 (holographic picture & gold title)

Elemental Hero Bladeedge - Unlimited Edition EEN-EN007 (holographic picture)

Elemental Hero Bladeedge -1st Edition YSDJ-EN018

Elemental Hero Bladeedge - 1st Edition YSD-EN09 (holographic picture & gold title)

Obelisk The Tormentor - Limited Edition JMP-EN004 (shining picture & title) [legit]

United We Stand - Unlimited Edition LON-049 (holographic picture & gold title) [used]

Five Headed Dragon - Limited Edition SD09-ENSS1 (holographic & gold picture)

Lava Golem - Limited Edition IOC-SE4 (holographic picture & gold title)

Destiny Hero Dogma - Unlimited Edition POTD-EN014 (holographic picture)

Cyber Prima - 1st Edition EOJ-EN007 (picture pops and so does the stars and type with gold title I don't know what to call it)

Black Luster Soldier - 1st Edition SYE-024 (holographic picture & gold title)

Cyber Dinosaur - Limited Edition JUMP-EN024 (holographic picture & gold title) [used]

Arcana Force Ex - The Light Ruler - Limited Edition JUMP-EN027 (holographic picture & gold title) [used]

The Wicked Deadroot - Limited Edition JUMP-EN018 (holographic picture & gold title)

Dragonic Knight - Limited Edition JUMP-EN026 (holographic picture & gold title)

Chthonian Blast - Unlimited Edition EEN-EN050 (picture pops and so does the type with gold title I don't know what to call it)

SO how much are they worth?


I checked it on yugico, it's about 100 dollars

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    You got a bunch of Shonen Jump Edition which in my opinion are really rare. Heres a website that could help you out. It's updated daily I think so it's up to date.

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  • 3 years ago

    Yugioh Card Appraisal

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  • 4 years ago

    Look on ebay for some pointers on price and to sell them. As others have said they need to be good cards in good condition. Start at a low bidding price and it usually builds up

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