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Is Chauncey Billups a Hall of Fame player?

Can i get a hell yeah!

Chauncey Billups led the Pistons to a stunning upset against the Lakers in the 2004 finals and deservedly so won the finals MVP and led the Pistons to 6 consecutive Eastern Conference finals and really came through in the big stage. Also when he was traded to the Nuggets he instantly made an impact leading the Nuggets to the Western Conference Finals, making it his 7th consecutive conference finals appearance. There should be no reason why Billups should not be in the Hall Of Fame he made Detroit better and did the same for Denver taking over the leadership role the second he was traded there


Cahuncey Billups a role player? LMFAO role players dont lead teams to 7 consecutive finals.

Update 2:

*Western Conference Finals

Update 3:

Billups might have had help in 04 on but he was the team leader and the guy they went to in clutch situations. Look at Denver he immediately took over a the leader and led them to the Western Conference Finals.

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    Yes .

    - He has a ring

    - He has a finals MVP

    - Many all-star appearinces

    - One of the greatest team leaders

    - CLUTCH

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    Billups is a very good player. However, he will not be the first Chauncey in the Hall of Fame.

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    A bit of a reach with Billups.

    Did he really lead the Pistons to six ECFs, or was he part of a pretty strong Detroit five ?

    I'd say it was the five, not just Billups.

    Very good player, very smart player. Not Hall Of Fame, though. The stats aren't there.

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    No, Chauncey is a good role player with his clutch 3 point shooting and defense but as someone in his position ( point guard ) he lacks some of the skill like passing and quickness

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  • Rznfoo
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    9 years ago

    No. Going to Denver has ruined his career. If he retired after Detroit then he would goto the hall of fame.. unless something drastic happens where he can win a ring, he isn't going to the hall of fame.

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    he wont be first ballot that's for sure

    sadly, HOF voters are becoming more and more about stats

    tough call - maybe if he plays a lot more years and racks up on stats -

    doesn't he have an Olympic gold medal too? wasn't he on that Beijing team? that should count for something also

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    hes a great player

    one of the best players in the nba

    but no, to be in the hall of fame you need to make history

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  • Anonymous
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    Hell no, if he is that means tony parker and Derik Fisher should be too and there not

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    too bad he is less good looking than ben wallace...


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