Describe the circumstances in which you would use Boyle’s Law to perform a calculation to find the volume?


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  • Bill
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    9 years ago
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    Boyle's Law, P1V1 = P2V2 where P is the pressure of the gas and V is the volume of the gas, is used when the size of the container changes (change in volume) which will affect pressure, and the temperature is held constant.

    An example of this is to find the pressure of the gas in a bottle when the bottle is compressed to half its size.

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  • korney
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    3 years ago

    nicely, the way I keep in mind the three gasoline regulations (Boyle's, Charle's and gay Lussac) is with 2 regulations. First, Temperature is often on the backside (p1/t1 = p2/t2 and v1/t1 = v2/t2) for the two temp ones. Seconds rule is that stress is gay. i comprehend it does not make experience, even though it does not ought to, given which you're merely attempting to keep in mind stuff. So, all of us understand that P and T and gay Lussac, and V and T are Charle, so Boyle's must be V and P (which that's: v1p1 = v2p2). on condition that Boyle's regulation has no temperature, no longer something might nicely be "on the backside", so i comprehend it particularly is multiplying, and not dividing. desire that facilitates, it confident worked for me.

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