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Any hope for the Pirates?

The Pirates just ended their 18th season w/o a winning record, extending the record in major sports history. I don't even remember the last time this team went to the playoffs because the last time they did, I wasn't even close to being born. It's frustrating to watch this team b/c we're just so DAMN BAD. No fan support (not suprisingly), we lack money so no big free agent signings (besides who would want to play for the Pirates anyway), we keep trading away our best players (Nady, Bay, Mcclouth, Jose Bautista, Freddy Sanchez, Jack Wilson), we're certainly not bringing up many stars (our only "stars" are Andrew Mccutchen, and Zach Dukes). As a result, this team is downright disgraceful in every aspect: pitching, offense, defense. I don't see this franchise getting anywhere again unless somehow the Pirate team that won the world series get younger and Roberto Clemente, RIP, comes back from the grave. Not happening.

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    A lot of what you said is true but a lot is incorrect.

    First of all, the only stars on the team are not just Zach Duke and Cutch. Duke isn't good at all, Ohlendorf is the best starter. And Cutch may be the 3rd best. Neil Walker, Evan Meek, and of course, Jose Tabata are also very good. Tabata is probably the best player on the whole hell of a player.

    Anyway, since Neil Huntington took over, he has traded away the stars because that is what they needed to do. Some of those players were heading towards free agency so the Buccos traded them to get stuff in return. Once they were free agents, they would most likely not want to return to Pittsburgh because of the bad team and they would want a lot of money. So that's why guys like Bay are gone. And face it, they never had success with Bautista/Bay/McLouth/Nady/Sanchez/Wilson when they were together. So they decided to start from scratch.

    All I am going to tell you is that the Pirates have a plan and right now, spending money on big free agents will hurt the team. They have many young players on the team now that are really promising like Walker, Cutch, Tabata, Alvarez, Lincoln, and Milledge to name a few. By spending money on free agents, they would not be able to afford these players when their contract ran out. So they are saving up and the plan is to re-sign them.

    Meanwhile, they have a good farm system. Watch for a pitcher named Rudy Owens, he's been real good.

    Wait jsut a little longer. Immediate winning won't happen but they have some great young players. Next year, I wouldn't expect anything special but maybe in 2-3 years, the Pirates will be a good team. I certainly expect that.

    Just don't give up hope. Confused or anything or have any questions, just email me, I know a lot about the Pirates.

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    When Jim Leyland left that was the end of the Pirates..Its hard to believe the Pirates have been so bad, I remember when they won it all in 1979..They had good teams up til the 90s Look at te players they had Stargell Bonds Easlier Burt Blyleven, Madlock,Van Slyke Bonillia,Tony Pena Parker..Something has gone wrong in their mangements thought process..I liken them to the Philadelphia Seventy Sixers...and from 94 to 2004 the Philies also..Tryin to earn a buck without shelling out any money...The Peguins have all kind of its not like they dont have the funds..My guess is until management pays someone who is a proven developer, from the farm system up to the bigs nothing is going to change..So look for the Pirates to threaten to move..Thats what poor ownership does when they dont want to pay for good players and management..they move to a market thats starving for a MLB team and toil with hungry fans..

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    Some of their top prospects like Alvarez and McCutchen could have a big impact on years to come, but only to give the Pirates an 75 win season.

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    Suggest you express the same passion you have for the Pirates to its management and owners. You'll get a more realistic response and maybe an insight into their grand plan.

    Btw - Clemente's body is not in a grave. It was never recovered from the sea following the plane crash.

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    Give them another 5-10 years and they might win 85 games

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    they have no chance they get rid of any talent they ever bring up its only a matter of time until mccutchen goes

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    I think somehow they'll still win it all in 2010.

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    There is hope.

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