"Soon He will perforate the fabric of the peaceful by and by" - Flyleaf - Meaning?

This line is from "Sorrow" by Flyleaf. Aside from that, this line is a mouth full of words. What does it mean as a whole? Thanks!

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    My impression is that this song is about a virgin who thinks she has found true love, and her "true love" convinces her to give in to sin.

    She feels so close to this man, and then he leaves her.


    "Sometimes life seems too quiet

    Into paralyzing silence

    Like the moonless dark

    Meant to make me strong"

    -She feels like the religion or beliefs that are meant to keep her safe and make her strong are getting boring, and she has no where to go and nothing she can do

    "Familiar breath of my old lies

    Changed the color in my eyes

    Soon he will perforate the fabric of the peaceful by and by"

    -She knows that the one she loves has different beliefs and will break the peace that she had created for her.

    "Sorrow lasts through this night

    I'll take this piece of you

    And hold for all eternity

    For just one second I felt whole

    As you flew right through me"

    -She is so happy, and for once she feels safe, complete, and very close to this person, but it doesn't even affect him and he leaves her

    "Left alone with only reflections of the memory

    To face the ugly girl that's smothering me"

    -He left her, and all she has are memories of him, and she feels like the darker side of her is coming out and taking over all the other parts.

    "Sitting closer than my pain

    He knew each tear before it came

    Soon He will perforate the fabric of the peaceful by and by"

    -She is saying how he knew that he would eventually hurt her, and he ruined everything she had, and made her commit a sin, and ruined her peace.

    "And we kiss each other one more time

    And sing this lie that's halfway mine"

    -She doesn't blame him for it, she knows that it was partly her fault, as in "halfway mine"

    "The sword is slicing through the question

    So I won't be fooled by his angel light"

    -Satan was known as the "Angel of Light", and she is saying that she won't be tricked by the Devil again.

    That's my opinion on what the whole song's about :)

    As for just that line, I think it means that she has had a perfect and peaceful life, and soon he will break/ruin it.

    Perforate means to tear, or make holes in.

    Source(s): I over-analyse songs... :$
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