trust???? please helppp!?

hey guys, ok so i have an E in algebra but its one point away from a D yes i know its very bad but i SUCK in math and my teacher called home. and i didnt know and my parents are very dissapointed in me i mean i am too but they are so mad its just ughh i feel like they dont care anymore because my mom just said " ok wow idc if you do ur hw no more if you want to do it ok if you dont then idc but i am so tired of this failure but im not even going to talk to you no more. ok you can do fine on your own ok." and she is so mad and i understand why but she is just soo close to me i always tell her everything and she is the ONLY person (besides my dad) that makes me feel better and now i dont have that. ughh. i feel like im a failure and im going to get no where in life. and they have lost all of their trust in me and i really want them to trust me.!! how can i get them back and how can i get their trust(s) back ughh! :'(

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    i suck at math really bad too. i found having one on one tutoring really helps.

    also go on you tube and watch some videos on whatever math your doing.

    show then your trying but don't tell them you are let them see for themselves

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  • klyn
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    4 years ago

    you will possibly desire to have confidence her!!! whilst there is not any have confidence in a relationship, each little thing gets ruined. they might in simple terms be suitable pals as she says, and if she loves you, she will have the skill to no longer do something which could harm you.

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