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Does YouTube have a liberal bias?

Just as a little experiment, I first searched liberal topics (Obama, MSNBC, gay pride, etc.) on YouTube, and seemed to get Pro-Liberal results with the videos. During part 2 of my experiment, I searched Conservative topics (Bush, FOX News, The Tea Party, etc.) and was seriously surprised to get hate videos on those subjects I searched for that were Conservative. Do the people running YouTube really have a liberal bias? What do you think?

Also, you can try this experiment on YouTube to fully understand what I'm saying.


@lise t - What do you mean "Conservative Extremists"? I don't know any. Can you give me any good example of any "Conservative Extremist"?

Update 2:

And "normal people"??? Conservatives ARE normal people!!!!

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    Google as a whole is really liberally biased. And they only pay 2.4% corporate taxes, but the owners champion the cause of "we the people" paying higher taxes.

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    Yes. The Google headquarters is in San Francisco, possibly the most liberal city in the United States, which could be responsible for their bias. The majority of users on YouTube are young and lower middle class or below, and think in a way where it is acceptable for morality to be infused with economic opinions, war, and other political subjects. Not to mention, anyone who has a single conservative opinion on YouTube is considered an extremist, when the majority of users are liberal "extremists" because they watch videos on others who promote leftism to the fullest extent. It truly is sad, seeing young minds go to such waste when not understanding that there is a line between ethics and politics.

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    Spent all night up watching the final presidential debate. I'm in Britain so the debate took place at about 3-5am Uk (GMT). I don't think anyone will bother to read this. But I was some serious commentary or analysis on this debate. Trump was doing OK, Hilary was well prepared, precise and to the point. Trump lost it about 30

    + minutes into the debate. I've searched youtube and can't find any post analysis or commentary about last nights debate. Was it really so bad that youtube won't publish what people are saying....looks like it.

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    My Best guess, Youtube is largely inhabited by Teenagers, college kids, and fresh out of college kids, so based on how most of those kids vote, I'd say, yeah, Youtube has a very left leaning slant to all political videos, look up all the liberal users on there and they have a ridiculous amount of subscribers despite having videos of nothing but some bulls%$t opinions supported by very few facts. Whilst conservative videos...are struggling to break out and only have a few gems that reach about a million views.

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    specific. The Google headquarters is in San Francisco, in simple terms approximately unquestionably the main liberal city interior the U.S., which could be reliable for their bias. the vast majority of shoppers on YouTube are youthful and decrease center class or under, and assume in a fashion the place it quite is appropriate for morality to be infused with economic evaluations, conflict, and different political matters. to no longer point out, every physique who has a single conservative opinion on YouTube is recognized an extremist, whilst the vast majority of customers are liberal "extremists" since the they watch movies on others who sell leftism to the fullest quantity. It actual is gloomy, seeing youthful minds pass to such waste whilst now no longer determining that there is a line between ethics and politics.

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    Conservatism is NOT a group. Anybody can be one. Whites/blacks/Asians.etc who want lower spending except where absolutely necessary. Social Security will NOT be destroyed by Republicans. They only want it so people who need it will have it. There are way too many people who try to *cheat* the welfare system so those that do need it look bad.

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    Listen, you are not normal. Go to the mental hospital.

    First of all, yes Google does have a pro-Liberal favor.

    Second of all, it's people like you that are gonna have me sue Yahoo Answers, for allowing extremist assheads like you to answer and insult liberals.

    Second of all, what the **** do you care?

    Source(s): I'm for the people And the Republican slogan on low taxes applies only on the rich. The Democrats give lower taxes to the middle and working class. To you they tax you.
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    Yes I believe so as they have a ton of tapes on the new black panthers and the latest shows them praising Osama bin laden as 'the man" and 'he's great" and all that jazz.

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    thing is, youtube USERS put on videos.

    and it so happens, apparently, that they do not like you.

    conservative extremists are not very popular. normal people despise them.

    assume your choices. and do not whine when you are judged according to them.

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    Try searching on paranoia and conspiracy theories.

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