Are you in favor or against illegal immigration? Why?

I want to emphasize "illegal" immigration. What are the pro's and con's of each?

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    Problems With Illegal Immigration

    While illegal alien and amnesty supporters state complaints from Americans about illegal immigration are some form of racism, there are many very real problems associated with illegal immigration.

    We asked a focus groups of citizen activists who are engaged in the struggle to have America's borders secured and existing immigration laws enforced to tell us the different reasons Americans are alarmed about illegal immigration.

    Please review this list. More details will be added to each subject in the future. Please contact us if you have an addition for this list of problems caused by illegal immigration.


    Anchor Babies: Birthright Citizenship Exploited

    Anti-American Attitudes

    Anti-Semitic Attitudes

    Attacks on Border Patrol and Law Enforcement agents

    Attacks on Free Speech in America

    Animal Abuse Increases

    Census Numbers: Negative Impact on Congressional Representation

    Civil rights: Devalued by comparison to illegal actions

    Child Endangerment

    Child Molestation

    Closed and Overcrowded Hospitals and Emergency Rooms

    Cost of Translators

    Consulates issuing Matricular Cards (ID Mexico won't even accept)

    Day Laborers loitering and creating public hazards

    Depreciated Wages for Americans and Legal Immigrants

    Deterioration of Common American Culture

    Desecration of the American Flag: Foreign Flags used aggressively

    Disrespect for American Laws

    Document Fraud

    Drunk driving injuries and deaths: Hit and Runs

    Ethnic Cleansing and Race Riots

    Farm animals with in city limits

    Food Poisoning

    Foreign Influence on US Politics

    Gangs, Graffiti, Drugs, Cartels, Smugglers, and Violence

    Gang Rape and unreported rapes

    High Birth Rates and Overpopulation

    Human Sex Slavery

    Identity Theft

    Increased Crime

    Increased Taxes for Americans

    Increased pressures on infrastructure (roads, traffic, water, sewer)

    Infectious Diseases

    Lost American Jobs

    Lost American Sovereignty

    Lost Self Governance of American citizens Vs. Globalism and Elitism

    Male Chauvinism: Gender inequality

    Not Speaking English, loss of common language, Press 1 for English

    Overcrowded Schools and Negative Impact on American Education

    Overcrowded single family homes

    Overcrowded Jails and Prisons

    Public Sanitation Loss: Trash and human waste in towns

    Racist Groups and Race Based Politics

    Remittances: Billions of dollars sent out of the US Economy

    Rule of Law: Fundamental principles of America sacrificed.

    Separatist Movements: Demands for autonomy

    Smear Campaigns and Lies: Dirty Politics

    Stolen American Taxpayer Resources: Tuition, Welfare, Licenses

    Taking limited seats in colleges at taxpayer expense

    Tax payer funds going to special interest groups (example) "LaRaza"

    Terrorism Threats and Loss of national security

    Trash and Negative Impact on Environment at border

    Unfair to Legal Immigrants

    Unfair Business Competition for law abiding companies

    Unlicensed and Uninsured Motorists

    Untaxed Wages

    Voter Fraud

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I'm against calling it "illegal immigration". It has nothing to do with immigration. It is illegal invasion. Immigration is done legally. America needs to know who is in our country. We are having a cultural war with all of the races in America, due to this "open border" situation. Liberals are pro and Conservatives are cons when it comes to illegal aliens.

    Nothing good can come from starting a new life by breaking the laws of a country you are trying to live in. It is also unfair to the percentage of different ethnic backgrounds that America is trying to regulate. If you go to the grocery store and stand in line for service, how would you feel if someone or many someones cut in front of your for service? I don't think you would like it very much.

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  • 9 years ago

    I don't condone illegal immigration, but I understand the reason why many want to come to this country. However, I do believe that many of these illegals come to this country thinking it's much easier than what is actually is, and thinking that somehow they will become rich because the wages are better.....meaning that someone can come to this country, find a job where they can make minimum wage (which is far more than many would make in a month in their country of origin), but the reality doesn't set in until they have to pay for food, rent, utilities, clothing, gas, etc. - and then they realize that it isn't as easy as they had once thought and that they are just getting by, just like they were in their own country.

    Making minimum wage just doesn't cut it and because many are uneducated, that's the only jobs that they can find. So needless to say - the grass ISN'T always greener on the other side.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Like all rational people I'm against anything that's illegal. The only people in favor of more illegal immigration are those that want to see the US crumble.

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  • 9 years ago

    Against of course. These people ignore our laws. What about the people waiting to get here legally? How does this make them feel?

    If you're standing in line to watch a movie and someone jumps in front of you it makes you mad. That is what these criminals do. They not only jump in front of the people who respect our laws but they also misuse our health, education, and social services organizations. They cost us a fortune.

    Our jails are full of these people costing us even more.

    There is nothing beneficial from having people sneak into our country. They bring drugs and disease. We need our boarders closed.

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    Lv 5
    9 years ago

    against illegal immigration.taxpayers have to foot the bill while they have no worries and live a life full of 5 star treatment without no guilt for it.we cannot do that in their countries,should why should they be able to get away with it over here?

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  • stoev8
    Lv 5
    9 years ago

    no one is in favor of illegal anything, but i think our system is broken and there are people who were legal that get lost in paperwork and fall out of status, students or kids that are caught up in issues, families or people that have roots.

    way too much gray for me, however, i'm against all illegal activity

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  • BruceN
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    Nobody is in favor of illegal immigration. People just disagree on how to solve the problem.

    Some people are racists and want to stop Hispanic (or African-Caribbean) immigration altogether.

    Others believe that deportation is the only way to deter future illegal immigration. But with millions of illegals here, and more coming every day, how is that deterrence been working out for you guys? I hope you realize that fences can't stop them, ICE can't deport them all, and that if the US government ever decided to enforce all of its laws, (especially minor tax offenses) you would all be in federal prison anyway.

    Most people support Comprehensive Immigration Reform, like the bi-partisan Kennedy-McCain bill that President Bush tried so hard to pass in 2007. They look at the dysfunctional immigration system and agree that sometimes there is just no other way for people with relatives here to come here. That people who have been here since childhood and are more American than foreign should be able to become citizens. That employers should be able go to immigration for a visa to hire whom they like. That people who have come here and worked for 5 or 10 years and become members of the community and not criminals, should not be deported.

    I think that what they need to do is to throw out the Immigration and Nationality Act and allow everyone to apply for temporary work visas or green cards inside or outside the USA (whether in or out of status) and then ask USCIS to rate them based on whether their presence is a benefit or detriment to the USA (a point system like Canada), with those who have job offers or family given preference, and criminals being deported. Then we need a national ID card issued by Social Security and for everyone, citizen and foreigner, to carry one and display it on demand to be sure that everyone is accounted for. Otherwise, we are just going to have to do an amnesty every 20 years to clear the backlog.

    Source(s): Former IRS and INS Agent.
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  • 9 years ago

    It's frustrating when people say that illegals are criminals. And to know that working illegally is a crime. But to carry less than an ounce of marijuana is not illegal.

    I am very frustrated and disappointed in this country that I love so much. Any person should be able to pass a test and acquire citizenship when they turn 18 regardless of their immigration status.

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  • IceT
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    Against because it is illegal!

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