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我想問Mobile Internet Services

唔該大家可唔可以話俾我聽有關Mobile Internet Services ,例如Wifi、GPS呢D

既definition, history 同佢點運作,仲有對宜家既人、社會同世界既生活有咩im


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    It just makes sense. The more ways you have to connect with the people who matter to you, the easier it is to stay close.T-Mobile gives you a world of connections that don't tie you down. With the T-Mobile HotSpot Network you have thousands of locations around the country - and around the world - in coffeehouses, restaurants, hotels, airports, and more.The T-Mobile HotSpot Network provides a reliable wireless Internet connection with broadband speed, so it's great for everything from checking your email to instant messaging to watching videos or listening to music.The T-Mobile HotSpot Network gives you online communication access that lets you choose how you want to stay close. Whether you are using Wi-Fi on your phone or laptop T-Mobile keeps you connected.It's your time. With the broadband speeds of the T-Mobile HotSpot Network, you spend your time communicating, not waiting.Take it easy. HotSpot makes connecting simple and consistent, no matter which location you're using.Protective. The security features of the T-Mobile HotSpot Network help keep your information secure and private.The power to stay close with the power to stay mobile: that's T-Mobile HotSpot.

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