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    你好^0^ 翻譯完是這樣

    Her personality is very good, also very considerate, in addition, I also really appreciate her to work an attitude, probably is this reason, I am just considered as the best good friend to her.

    Sometimes, we will do breakfast to eat for the other party each other.

    Sometimes, at the public holiday, we will get to park together, the part takes a walk and simultaneously chats worry.

    When she in a bad humor, we will ride a bike, go to the seaside to see sea and make the displeased matter washed away with the sea water.

    Still remember her birthday of that, I sent card piece, and sang a head the song to her in the class.

    She happily says: this is the most considerate gift that I have ever accepted.

    I make us create a most beautiful good recollection with her special combination.

    And this recalls, I hope to keep on bottom until forever.

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    Her individuality is very good, is also very intimate, in addition, I also very much appreciate her to work the manner, perhaps is this reason, I only will then treat as her the best good friend. Sometimes, we mutually will make the breakfast to eat to opposite party. Sometimes, is having a vacation the date, we will arrive at the park together, at the same time will take a walk, at the same time will chat the concern. When her mood is not good, we will ride a bicycle, will look at the sea to the seashore, will let not the happy matter wash away along with the sea water. Also remembered that her birthday that one time, I have delivered a card, and sang the first song in the class to give her. She said happily: This is I has received the most intimate gift. I and her special combination, causes us to create section of happiest recollections. But this section of recollections, I hoped that can continue until forever.

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    Her good qualities such as responsible and sensible attracted me to be her best friend.

    We sometimes cook breakfast for each other

    We will also stroll at the park in any holidays.Besides that, we also express our feelings to each other

    We will cycle to the seaside whenever she is in bad mood. We will let the sea sweeps away all the unhappiness

    I remember that I sang her a song in the class on her birthday besides the birthday card

    She told me that these were the greatest gifts she ever had

    We have the sweetest memory together

    I hope this greatest moment with her will live on forever

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