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America stands with Israel, why do some politicians cry that?

i am naturalized american I am from eastern europe originaly I have still family there and if russia would invade my countrie and they will they've done in the past that's the world we live in, any way I would not want america to come and intervene. I know that are a lot of jews in america but so we the rest of us imigrants are more than them, we are italian americans, african americans, eastern europeans asians this is america a melting pot where we are all equal I dont want my tax dollers to go towards helping any country to aquire nucs or military techniques, let israel deal with his destiny on it's own why do we have to get hated by half the world for intervening in that conflict over there. I would like to know if anybody else is voting with this in mind I am not a republican ( thought I tend to vote republican) or democrat but the next guy I hear that America should stand with Israel I will vote him out. what is your stand on this, is it smart to pick sides ..if yes should we attack china for oppressing the Tibetans?


if US will be pulled in a war with iran..were do you think the average American will stand? do politicians think that after irak and afganistan people will actually give them another pass?

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    Israel is perhaps one of the greatest dangers to the United States.

    Jews are such an important group of people in America mainly because of money, but they all tend to vote similarly in elections.

    The US has given billions to Israel over the years, not for education or peaceful purposes, but for weapons and military technology. The US likely gave them nuclear warheads as well. Over the next few years, closely watch Israels actions and the media surrounding Israel/Iranian/US relations. The US will likely be pulled into an attack or war on Iran because of Israel.

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    Jews were persecuted during World War II, and Israel was created by NATO after the war as a home for the Jews. We did do wrong by driving out the Palestinians due to our apathy and stupidity, but now we hope for peace.

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    Here in America, we honor our obligations. If Britain were attacked, we would rush to their defense, just as they have done for us in the wake of September 11. We have treaties with many countries that call for mutual defense. Israel is our ally in a chaotic region and we will honor our obligation there.

    As for being hated by half the world because of Israel, we already are so I won't lose any sleep over it. If you don't want your tax dollars going to Israel, you picked the wrong country to come to. I don't want mine going to Egypt and Pakistan, but at least I understand the rationale and do not let my biases color my view. Try it.

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    It's biblical, they believe the jews are gods chosen people. I believe you stand by your friends when they are right, and when they are wrong you should be the first one kicking them in the a**

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    Welcome to America! We use PARAGRAPHS!!!

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