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bryan asked in Business & FinanceCredit · 1 decade ago

Want a credit card, but have no credit history?

I'm 19 and have no credit. I've been looking to get a credit card, but have been denied at least 5 times. I tried Capital One, Chase, Wells Fargo, Orchard Bank, and HSBC. Not one of them will give me one, except Orchard Bank offered me a Secured Card which I do not want.

Are there any cards out there that I have a good chance of getting? I can't believe I can't get a card anywhere. I've been told my entire life that it's so easy to get one and that's why people get in crazy debt. But obviously it's not as easy as they said it was.

Also, I can't believe that a company won't give you a card because you have no credit, when that is one of the few ways to build credit. It makes no sense.

So, I'm 19, employed, and have a checking and savings account.... Any cards you know of that I could try?

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    GET A SECURED CARD even if you don't want it trust me it will help I just turned 24 and had no credit too after being turned down everywhere I got the Capital One secured card it will help you build credit after 6 months close it out and you'll have enough credit score to get an unsecured card also stop applying for credit cards because all you're doing is adding hard inquiries to your credit report which is bad for your score, anyways if you come across the Anacott Financial credit card for people with no or bad credit don't apply for it this card is a complete scam trust me, I have been looking all over the place for a unsecured card for people with no credit history and there isn't any, so I finally got a secured card and it helped.

    There is one other option the First PREMIER Bank Credit Card, they offer credit card to people with bad or no credit I applied and got denied but you can try that one but read about it first to see if some of the people who have it think it's any good before you apply.

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    Unfortunately, you HAVE tried all the cards that have been known to typically give credit to those starting out. If THEY declined you, you can pretty much forget it. Yes, I said FORGET IT. STOP APPLYING! All you are doing is racking up inquiries which look bad on your report.

    The ONLY card you CAN get IS a SECURED card. So, I guess since you don't *want* that one (it's funny, you act as if you are in the drivers seat here and can pick and choose) you won't be getting a credit card so you can build credit.

    There was a law passed last February that made it nearly impossible for those under 21 to get credit of any kind. You have to prove income or have your parents cosign in order to even qualify now.

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    My first card was with Capital One I had no prior credit history. Got a limit of 300 dollars horribly high interest rate but what I liked was no annual fee because any card I would have gotten would have had a high rate.

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